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  1. kor

    C++ Client or OTC

    otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/protocolgame.cpp#L1400-L1407), but it will only show character's list on client. About OTC, you can just code it, so for example additional byte will make the client login for specific character.
  2. kor

    [Poland] [7.72] Torena [1st May, 18:00 CEST]

    Hello. At the request of the players from the first edition of Torena in 2019, which I had the pleasure to work on, I am launching its second edition. Server Website/AAC: Torena <<Create your account now!>> Server Address: torena.rookgaard.pl Hosted in Poland with BR proxy (Sao Paulo) Server...
  3. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    @Gesior.pl Thank you so much much much. For now, I will try to run server on top of your changes with higher RAM. I asked about 1.2, because my own migration began 1,5 years ago, but never managed to finish and test it yet, looks like the time has come :D @eyez every server is stable until...
  4. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    @Gesior.pl Indeed, every connection on that gameport looks normal as players was trying to rejoin during server summary between crashes and when it was opened. My core files very from 542 027 776 to 542 183 424 bytes. So when normally I have 400-500 MB free it really might be an issue? I thought...
  5. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    @Gesior.pl someone attacked me again. He was prepared this time, because during investigation (I have system which record player's packets to and from server) I found someone cloned some items (but it's just side-effect I'm able to revert). It happened 3x times today: 18:30:30 - console: just...
  6. kor

    C++ Lock the "Loot" tab.

    OllyDbg to find and apply changes. But having addresses you can use any hex editor like XVI32.
  7. kor

    C++ Lock the "Loot" tab.

    @Kownikuzyt goto: 092F0E, change: 6A 00 to EB 11 goto: 092F33, change: 6A 00 to EB 1C That's all I can do without custom extension.
  8. kor

    C++ Lock the "Loot" tab.

    Hello. You have to find using any debugger what function is called on right-click on tab name and make modifications so client will skip adding those menu entries. I might help you with this how to begin, but tell me client version and I will check.
  9. kor

    MC in ANY Tibia Cipsoft client

    Hello. To enable MC in ANY Tibia Cipsoft Client using just OllyDbg, basic knowledge of Olly is required, but I will try to show on images as much as possible. So in this tutorial I would like to show how enable MC support (disabling client check if there's opened another Tibia window) in any...
  10. kor

    Programmer New Mount System 8.6

  11. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    Hello. 1. My VPS is 2 GB RAM, while TFS uses 524 MB, mysql 421 MB and PHP together with nginx and node scripts 202 MB. Rest (~850 MB) is free and some resides in buff/cache which I clear every server save at 06:00 with sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches. But well, graphs shows something...
  12. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    @Alpha Thanks, didn't know such tricks! I will wait for one more and update main post. @Paco Hello, I will :) Well, every server is stable until it will face a crash ;)
  13. kor

    TFS 0.X Crashes I'm facing with

    Hello. On my 5 years old server first time I meet a crash (5x just today) which I'm not able to fix (and even find a reason) on my own. It's probably a deliberate action as it happened in quick succession without any connection with globalevent (such as server save or other quests scripts) or...
  14. kor

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    @PuszekLDZ Of course it's possible, you just need to find proper addresses and then you can build things like
  15. kor

    Compiling Extracting 7.72 map and changing it into PNG

    Here you are, 15 levels (from -8 to +7) of Rookgaard (and some neighbour) area in each PNG file. Hope it will help in your mission :) https://mega.nz/file/OyohBKSa#1MMzeNbIqncY5o53GDN3vxwfDngv_iBFO9hXzVwJ5GA
  16. kor

    Action For Quiver

    Indeed :D So I can fix my "tutorial" also.
  17. kor

    Mount system 8.6

  18. kor

    Feature [TFS 1.X] Red&Black skull system

    Hello. I would like to present you red&black skull system for TFS 1.X which works as described in Skull System (https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Skull_System). There is also a PR on the official TFS repository, but no matter of it's merge status, it may be unnoticed by those who are not up-to-date...
  19. kor

    Compiling Ubuntu 18

    The reason is as above - it would unfortunately require too much of my free time to move 5 y.o. server. Thanks for link, I didn't searched in that way.
  20. kor

    Compiling Ubuntu 18

    The thing is, I don't have that much time to move whole infrastructure to newest Ubuntu version or move it to Docker (I did it - distro update - in the past going from version 14 to 18 and it took me too much free time), so while End of Life of Ubuntu 18 is in April 2028 I probably will stay...