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  1. Xikini

    turnCreatureTowardPosition [TFS 1.3] Lua Function

    Nice and simple function. Turns a creature toward a position. Easily editable, if you don't like the default cutoff's I decided on. function turnCreatureTowardPosition(creature, position) local creaturePosition = creature:getPosition() local x, y = creaturePosition.x - position.x...
  2. Xikini

    That special spark inside all of us.

  3. Xikini

    TFS 1.3 pushTarget & pullTarget

    single target spell example area target spell example
  4. Xikini

    Suggestion Quoted: here, here, here

    This might be a long shot, but figured I'd go for it. xD In longer threads that span multiple pages, it can be hard to keep track of a conversation that is taking place between 1, 2 or more users. Sometimes you see a post that asked a valid question, and the other person might not reply for 2...
  5. Xikini

    Implemented Wink face as a reaction

    ;) Can we have this added? I can't count the amount of times I've wanted to use it. xD
  6. Xikini

    TFS new function; onStatsChange/onDamageReceived

    The idea is simple. onHealthChange / onManaChange is when all calculations are completed, and the final amount +/- that the player is going to receive. (name of functions pending... xD) onStatsChange / onDamageReceived is before any calculations are completed. Ideally this will only be a...
  7. Xikini

    Virtual Library - TFS 1.3

    Idea from here. Gives a book reward, without a physical item. Use a talkaction to read the books. Set ActionID (45001, 45002, 45003) onto a bookcase in remere's. Use bookcase to gain a storage value. Use talkaction /readfromlibrary bookTitle to receive the book in a pop-up. local...
  8. Xikini

    TFS 1.X+ Unable to connect to own server, but others can.

    When using my ipv4 / localhost / in config.lua, I can join into my server no problem. Problem starts when using my global ip in config.lua, which allows other people can connect, but I cannot. I've read just about every thread, and cannot find a solution. Below is my setup /...
  9. Xikini

    Question for Newbies.

    Are there any specific guides that are outdated, and you would like to see updated? Is there anything confusing to you as a newcomer that you haven't been able to find an answer for easily? Let me know.
  10. Xikini

    TFS 0.X How... does this check positions?

    Posted originally here, but I don't see how it works? Specifically this portion. for i = 17000, 18015 do local pos = getThingPos(i) if not isPlayer(getTopCreature(pos).uid) then I've always used position data like this; {x = 1000, y = 1000, z = 7[, stackpos = 1]} I just can't wrap my...
  11. Xikini

    Imperianic self advertisement sent to my personal e-mail.

    @imperianic Shove off with your e-mail spam. Idk how you got my personal e-mail, but I certainly never supplied it to you, since I don't play ot's, or sign up on ot sites. So gtfo, yeah?
  12. Xikini

    Lua Using a loop in a table, but getting nil value

    Alright.. so basically a quick question. How do I do the thing I'm trying to do? xD I want to use lists to print 1,3,5,7 But no matter what I try, it can't find what I'm looking for.. presumably because lists[n] is making it look somewhere else. I'm just stuck.. xD local config = {...
  13. Xikini

    RevScripts onEquip C++ Exception

    Basically just using a bare-bones script to make sure it was working.. and it isn't. xD It's such a generic error google was basically no help. Only thing I could think to try was to download and install a fresh tfs 1.3, but still getting the same error. The Forgotten Server - Version 1.3...
  14. Xikini

    Lua How to convert a string into a variable name?

    I've been wracking my brain trying to figure this out.. xD So in the source we basically have this.. CONST_ME_NONE = 0 CONST_ME_DRAWBLOOD = 1 CONST_ME_LOSEENERGY = 2 in the script I have this.. local effects = {CONST_ME_NONE, CONST_ME_DRAWBLOOD, CONST_ME_LOSEENERGY} local user_input =...
  15. Xikini

    Lua Xikini's Free Scripting Service TFS 1.3

    Please request actions / creatureevents / globalevents / npcs / movements / talkactions Do not request spells / weapons / monsters / source editing / database queries My goal of this thread is to learn TFS 1.3 scripting. ------------------------------------ Support If you have an issue with...
  16. Xikini

    CreatureEvent Stamina Training Monk [0.4 / 0.3.7]

    If you attack a specific creature for x amount of seconds, gain stamina y. If you attack a training monk for 180 seconds, gain 1 minute stamina. Requested by someone here. Posting in resources so it's easier to find by anyone who needs it. Not sure if it works in 0.3.6 because I don't think...
  17. Xikini

    Dungeon System [ 0.4 / 0.3.7 / 0.3.6 ]

    Dungeon System -> Multiple players can access a dungeon at a time, however only 1 player per sub-area. -> Each dungeon can have unlimited sub-areas. Each sub-area can hold 1 player. ->-> If all sub-areas are full, players wanting to join this dungeon will have to wait until it's empty. ->...
  18. Xikini

    Unable to edit posts in Requests anymore?

    I wanted to update my thread here but I'm no longer able to edit my post. I believe I was able to edit my posts and comments yesterday, so I'm a bit confused about the change. I could use the 'report' function and have a mod update my post, but I'd be doing it so frequently it would probably...
  19. Xikini

    TFS 1.X+ Trying to figure out where stuff is..

    Specifically right now I'm trying to figure out all of the stuff that can come out of onHealthChange But I have no idea where to look to find it. onHealthChange(creature, attacker, primaryDamage, primaryType, secondaryDamage, secondaryType, origin) What is all the primaryTypes? What is all of...
  20. Xikini

    Don't need help, just praise. lmao

    Thank the gods. I finally got the server up and running and I can finally login.