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  1. pink_panther

    OTBM Map Waypoints?

    What are they for? What do they do? Is there anything they're useful for? I see I could probably set waypoints then use them to teleport do with lua, but are useful for anything else?
  2. pink_panther

    Raid Schedule - ELI5?

    I just want someone to explain raid schedule and how often it runs... My understanding is as follows. Do Raids are scheduled via the raids.xml, like so: <raid name="Orc SamBP" file="Special/OrcSamBP.xml" interval2="500" margin="180" /> Interval2 is how often it runs? every 500 minutes, every...
  3. pink_panther

    Lua Find level from exp formula?

    I know the exp formula Is there a function to find a players lvl from their exp alone? I'm tired, math is hurting my head rn
  4. pink_panther

    Lua Remove Experiance from Offline Player?

    I see there is a function to Remove Experiance from a player online, this correctly downgrades their lvl and updates their life/mana accordingly. If I just lower the exp in the Sql table they'll still be the same level and have the same stats in game. Is there a way to run this function on an...
  5. pink_panther

    Mintwallin Demons [3.x]

    This isn't much of a mapping project, quite small, but still wanted to show off. Having never got to explore there ( I played, just too low lvl), I decided to re-create and implement the Mintwallin Demon spawn into Nostlather. No, demons aren't dropping ghelm again, Just wanted to...
  6. pink_panther

    TalkAction Download In Game Map Files

    I wanted to be able to download all the uncovered map files for my server, but didn't know a way how to export them. I made this admin talkaction that will teleport your player all over an area to reveal your minimap and save your map files. I suggest running it on a local test server.
  7. pink_panther

    TFS 1.X+ Fix Dodging (By Walking back/forth) Monster Attacks

    Using a downgraded TFS 1.2 Issue I'm having is players being chased by monsters are able (if they're quick enough) to run monsters (on EK for example) to quickly move after attacking, to be able to lure a monster, and hit/kill it without being hit back. In later versions of TFS, if the player...
  8. pink_panther

    Exp/h Counter Talkaction?

    I've had a look around, but not been able to find one. I am wondering if anyone has or if it's possible to do an Exp/h counter as a talk action, for servers not using OTC/custom client. Using nostalrius distro, downgraded tfs1.2 Thanks
  9. pink_panther

    Locate Quest Chests in RME?

    Is there a way to find Quest containers in RME, since they're saved in the map and not in an action file?
  10. pink_panther

    Export/Import Map (RME) ?

    Is there an easy way to export/copy sections of map from 1 version of a map file to another version of a map file? Wanting to take some map sections from newer maps and paste them into a 7.7 map I use, without having to just re-create the entire section(s)
  11. pink_panther

    Send MOTD?

    Is there a way to force showing the MOTD on every login, or is this something controlled by the client?
  12. pink_panther

    [US] [7.4] Nostalther - A Real, Retro Experience | GLOBAL + CUSTOM

    Nostalther is a Nostalrius project created and customized by a dedicated and old school Tibia fan. Back when Tibia ward hard, no hotkeys, days of hidden training, hard boss hunts, a brutal death penalty. Nostalther brings a Tibia 7.4 experience with the cosmetics of Tibia 3.0 to 10.98.
  13. pink_panther

    [Request] Sprites or Sprite Viewer for < 7.0

    Looking for a sprite viewer for the old tibia clients, like older than 7.0. Any of the data viewers around open those?
  14. pink_panther

    Uncover/Show Minimap

    Is there a way to download all the minimap files to "show" the minimap, without having to walk around everywhere in game to cache the data? Edit: In the meantime, I've written this horrible horrible script, which I've added as a talkaction command. It just teleports your player to every sqm...
  15. pink_panther

    Make Mana/Life FLuids stackable?

    Wondering how to go about making the old 7.7 mana fluids stackable, like mana potions. The old item id for vials 2874 has the fluid data value, but if I just set vials to be "Cumulative" as well, the item doesn't stack properly and also changes the fluid depending on the stack size.
  16. pink_panther

    Znote ACC Paypal not applying points?

    Just wondering if there is an issue with the Shop? It seems to send me money when people buy points, but the points are not adding to their accounts. Using Znote 1.5 from the latest git repo and paypal with a 7.72 client.
  17. pink_panther

    Change Server IP In Tibia Client (7.72)

    Hi I want to avoid having to use an IP changer for a Tibia Client and want to change the IP address/host it connects to. I tried using a hex editor to change the server address, from this guide here but it doesn't work (or is different for 7.72). Any other guides?