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  1. Ond||Apokalypse

    @ Sprites/LORE. Job offer.

    Hello again! Not long time ago I created a thread. Sorry for spam, but since I couldn't find the option where to edit my thread. Here I am again! The project that I just started or well.. (it was first started 2003 or at least in my mind also that were when my first OT was hosted.) Has taken...
  2. Ond||Apokalypse

    @ Work

    Hello everyone. I doubt anyone recognizes me. I am back after several years away from the computer. I have decided I am going to create something special. In my regards, the servers online are running on a "car" since 1997. Very few new features and things have been edited in the past years! I...
  3. Ond||Apokalypse

    Lua Magic wall bugg

    You can use exevo mort hur and exevo gran vis lux threw the magic wall.. How do I fix it? Is it within the engine? I remember I fixed this a couple of years ago but I don't remember how. <item id="1497" name="magic wall"> <attribute key="type" value="magicfield"/> <attribute...
  4. Ond||Apokalypse

    Lua How do I create delay time between each 'try' to magic wall?

    (8.0 exe evolution) local storevalue = 9079 -- value where exhausted is saved local exhausttime = 0.3 -- 0.3 seconds exhaustion local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_ENERGY) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_CREATEITEM, 1497)...
  5. Ond||Apokalypse

    When transfer a enabled what will happend?

    What teams will transfer to Lunarforce when your available to? / Ond
  6. Ond||Apokalypse

    @ Reset

    this server would rly need a reset, im sure there would be tons of player if theere were. Understandable that high lvls would refuse to this.. but im just saying eventually the server will die completly, with a reset there could be a possiblity to get peak 700 on if you would bring all the teams...
  7. Ond||Apokalypse

    Team [8.0] Everyone who's serious with that they're doing, look this up, (Willing to pay)

    I'm looking for a: Scriptwriter Mapper Web-designer Story-writer Since there is none open tibia server that's up running that require the goals I look for when I'm searching a server to play I've decided to develop my own server. First of all I would like to say I've small experience...
  8. Ond||Apokalypse

    @ new update comin on Real tibia! ALL LOOK WHO LIKE REAL WAR

    Weather the update will come or not it should be implanted here! I guess there is plenty people whos annoyed on all this 'non warmode' characters coming an ruin your wars. So lets try remove this abusement of skull/ frag system!! Lets say there is a guy with white skull with the guild 'Noname'...
  9. Ond||Apokalypse

    Leader of red light district!

    Please contact me ingame asap - Vilox
  10. Ond||Apokalypse

    Programmer Looking for a programmer!

    We are currently looking for a programmer. The job The job itself is to convert or create a stable 8.0 server aswell as fix some smaller bugs that we know will occur once the server is 8.0.
  11. Ond||Apokalypse

    Everyone get frag when a player get killed.

    I just figured that the quest system isn't like it suppose 2. It's currently like real tibia, 20 peoples kill 1 person everyone get unjust. I've tried this: and neither work. installed an incorrect war system lately, maybe have something too do with that?
  12. Ond||Apokalypse

    [Sweden] 24/7 RL MAP 8.54 RPG & No Shop

    Greetings and welcome to this new started OT called Imperia! * Server Start At 3 May Time 01:00 am. * Client IP: imperia.gzh.nu * Website: http://imperia.gzh.nu/ * 24/7 uptime and a fast internet connection! * Port: 7171 * Protocoll: 8.54-8.55 -- General information Experience Stages: 8 - 40...
  13. Ond||Apokalypse


    Paralyze should have ALOT more speed decrease, atm when Im getting paralzyed Im running as lvl 100.. should be decreased lvl 1 or smth like 400 speed and btw, you can heal the paralyze istant..
  14. Ond||Apokalypse

    Current situation at the server.

    honestly Ive no clue what your goal is with the server. but if you do care about waring peoples you should change/edit a couple of things: The speed of every character is currently too high. The "side" step is way to fast, should be added some kind of delay when you side stepping. Paralyze...
  15. Ond||Apokalypse

    [NPC] Multiple speak.

    I've 2 problems: First Well, I've been looking around and I can't figure out how to fix this: If you've notice when you're playing / fixing with on a OT and you're a head to travel by boat or making a quest by using NPC chat you can get interrupted by other players. Which is pretty...
  16. Ond||Apokalypse

    Death List doesn't work.

    The death list doesn't show up. Im using the newest TFS. This is the error who's comming up in the console:
  17. Ond||Apokalypse

    [Sweden] 8.54 Imperia.

    I'll make a Advertisement who's better later. REAAAL MAAAAAAP But I'll give your short information about the server: IP:imperia.servegame.org I've been trying to make a RPG/PVP-Enforced server and I would like to say that it's one of the best. With updates everyday The start level is 45 and...
  18. Ond||Apokalypse

    [Euorpe] 8.54 Real Map.

    Are you tired of all these OT's who's just trying to get as much money as possible? Then you've come too the right place. Information: Client: 8.54 IP:Will be updated later. How can you guarantee a perfect feeling on this OT? Well.. here is the rates Let me explain, You'll start at rookard...
  19. Ond||Apokalypse

    A serios bug.

    You're able to spawm strike spells when it's server save so you can kill a lvl 300 Knight with a lvl 20 mage. Thanks in advance Ond If you spam some spells the exhaust disappear for a second and like 14 spells will appear.
  20. Ond||Apokalypse

    Exani hur up/down.

    I would like to have script for source edit so it will be able to: use exani hur up/down at pots and peoples. yours/ Ond