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  1. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Underworld Layout

    Hi everyone! In my last post i released my Bootstrap 4 Layout for Znote, now i'll bring you this little layout made with BS4 too but a little more optimized for a Tibia Server, hope you like it! Features: Bootstrap 4 Responsive and mobile ready Jumbotron only at Index page Images on new's...
  2. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Bootstrap 4 | Mobile Ready

    Hi everyone, i was working on this bootstrap 4 layout for Znote AAC. I'm still working on some sub page's but i don't have an online server to test more page's, so i hope you can try it and share your feedback on this post 😁 . Features: Bootstrap 4 Ready (You can check BS Documentation Here)...
  3. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Premium Template

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since i worked with otserver's, but this time i'd like to build a pretty nice custom server with some dev friends. So, we're looking for a custom layout (not a free one) for Znote AAC, i couldn't find any of them (alive), so im interested in purchase one for...