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  1. Levi999x

    problem to recognize mana fluid 7.72

    tell me how we should help you if we cant see the full script????? not even said which tfs version
  2. Levi999x

    New otservlist with super anti spoof

    stop pls stop
  3. Levi999x

    RevScripts Tfs 1.3 random addon to new players

    then create a new thread about your request then we'll help you for sure :D
  4. Levi999x

    problem with connections

    It wont work that simple You still need to open ports
  5. Levi999x

    Kaper Pixelarts

    Great sprites
  6. Levi999x

    Boss. Lever kick boss

    Show us the script
  7. Levi999x

    Lua BossReward TFS 1.3

    Make sure both chars are not god And write the Name of monster small Like nightmare Use my last upgraded post
  8. Levi999x

    Scripter Wings System with bonus attributes and OTClient module

    Good question Like everyone is banned for real
  9. Levi999x

    Lua BossReward TFS 1.3

    local config = { ["nightmare"] = { loot = {{302,100,1},{2157,20,10},{8900,5,1},{5958,10,1},{2471,12,1},{6132,18,1}}, message = "Congratulations for defeating [Boss] Curselich, Your reward is now in your backpack", BagId = 9774 }, ["[Boss] Taintstrike"] = {...
  10. Levi999x

    RevScripts Need an npc that sells outfit and mounts tfs 1.3

    Should work yes and if not post in support thread and we gonna help you
  11. Levi999x

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    No monei pleze freE
  12. Levi999x

    Write scripts on mobile?

    Will check that out 1621233042 Yes, thanks
  13. Levi999x

    Write scripts on mobile?

    Best way to write scripts on mobile?
  14. Levi999x

    Path of Tibia - Development Thread

    Looks cool Good luck with the project
  15. Levi999x

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3/1.4. Clean downport.

    You can open it/see its simply by using cmd
  16. Levi999x

    Avallach's Showoff

    Madara is a better mapper
  17. Levi999x


    Drama queens
  18. Levi999x

    Lua tfs 1.3 manarune from % to standard calculating value

    Sure do u want the manarune be based on spells or action
  19. Levi999x


    Hi Why did you remove the last message? "Omg he refunden 300 usd haha I get a thousand of dollars, get off me" Sounds arogant ^^