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  1. Felipe Monteiro

    Programmer Cjλker Jobs - (TFS / OTC / Botting)

    I recommend this guy. 100%!
  2. Felipe Monteiro

    [Summer Update] Library 11.80

  3. Felipe Monteiro

    [Summer Update] Library 11.80

    Nice, can u upload your items.otb?
  4. Felipe Monteiro

    Lua Userdata

  5. Felipe Monteiro

    Lua Userdata

    i have a log from gdb, but it only shows the player=0x7fffddff3200, item=0x7fffdd509340 how can i known what player and item?
  6. Felipe Monteiro

    Lua Userdata

    Is possible to load an item or player using userdata?
  7. Felipe Monteiro

    TFS 1.X+ GDB bug!

    I got it! You need remove the line: include(FindLTO) from the CmakeList.txt and compile using. cmake -g -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..
  8. Felipe Monteiro

    TFS 1.X+ GDB bug!

    I can't execute the function call g_game.saveGameState() It says: Structure has no member named saveGameState() I'm using TFS 1.3 and i compile with cmake -g -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .. Thxa anyway!
  9. Felipe Monteiro

    GlobalEvent Teleport summon to Master [TFS 1.0]

    the most better way to do this is on source
  10. Felipe Monteiro

    Request Client 11.02

    I'm looking for client 11.02. Somebody can upload it for me?
  11. Felipe Monteiro

    OpenTibia SharpMapTracker 0.8.1 by Jo3Bingham

    @drac0ner2 thanks for the support ! you're awesome man !
  12. Felipe Monteiro

    Solved !bless with real price´s

    Very nice man !
  13. Felipe Monteiro

    [10.95] TFS 1.2 with critical hits and hp/mana leech!

    have this source without critical system ? to make diff
  14. Felipe Monteiro

    Fortissimum - Discussion Thread

    These guys are awesome !
  15. Felipe Monteiro

    [PHP] Get skill percent

    Gesior you're the best !
  16. Felipe Monteiro

    Compiling C++ Change Otserv Version 10.94?

    Now you can use 1094 protocol version ;) on protocolgame.cpp change void ProtocolGame::AddPlayerSkills(NetworkMessage& msg) { msg.addByte(0xA1); for (uint8_t i = SKILL_FIRST; i <= SKILL_LAST; ++i) { msg.add<uint16_t>(std::min<int32_t>(player->getSkillLevel(i)...
  17. Felipe Monteiro

    Compiling C++ Change Otserv Version 10.94?

    you lose the opportunity to be quiet.