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  1. psilocybusmaxim

    The state of this community

    It's not bad, I've seen some forums (NOT TIBIA RELATED OR SAYING NAMES). All the users just turn to trolls over time and then do nothing. Then the forum fails it's really sad, It's really not that bad here though. We got old, and now people take more then they give but that's life. Just try not...
  2. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    Made FreeCap disappear, Also made things I tried to hide pop back up, like spells and mounts. If I move the text-offset code it does this,
  3. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    ExperienceBar < ProgressBar id: experienceBar background-color: #B6E866 anchors.top: prev.bottom anchors.left: parent.left anchors.right: parent.right margin: 1 margin-top: 3 SoulLabel < GameLabel id: soulLabel text-align: right color: white font: verdana-11px-rounded...
  4. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    Thanks, that's for the CapLabel though mine doesn't move, its on the image. Changing the values has no effect.
  5. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    The problem is I'd like some space in-between my cap: text and the free cap of the player. Inventory.lua function onFreeCapacityChange(player, freeCapacity) if not freeCapacity then return end if freeCapacity > 99 then freeCapacity = math.floor(freeCapacity * 10) /...
  6. psilocybusmaxim

    I am depressed

    I'm glad your feeling better man, life's crazy right now. My bank account was negative 3,000usd the last 3 month's, Its all fixed now but shit. I really don't know how it got outta hand that quick. Covid f***** everything up, for almost everyone. Edit, This song helped. Keep the positive...
  7. psilocybusmaxim

    Which best source and client for a global 7.x server with some new protocol (10.x) features and a lot of customization

    I know its been a month, but you said it has no set deadline. I had some problems with Edubart's OTC, I would try Mehah's client or OTCv8 I ended up sticking with OTCv8 (I hate it, no source editing!). I would try Mehah's client though, its more updated for older engines and smoother then the OG...
  8. psilocybusmaxim

    OTX2 7.72 DLL and XML PLUGIN TREE FOR Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3

    I thought I could save some people some time if I upload this, seems people have this problem time to time. Took me sometime to navigate to this amazing resource! I compiled a DLL tree so I could edit my items.otb with Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3. thought i'd share it with the community for...
  9. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    You my good sir, Are a God among men. Thanks everyone for helping this was driving me crazy!
  10. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    msg->put<uint16_t>(int32_t(player->getFreeCapacity() / 100)); function onFreeCapacityChange(player, freeCapacity) capLabel:setText(tr('Cap') .. ': ' .. freeCapacity * 100) end I think that's the first thing I tried, I did so many things to try and fix this. Makes my cap 0.18 for my total...
  11. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    Tried this as well in Protocolgame.cpp, Nothings working. uint16_t capacity = uint16_t(player->getFreeCapacity()); if (capacity >= INT16_MAX) msg->add<uint16_t>(INT16_MAX); else msg->add<uint16_t>(capacity); And msg->add<uint16_t>(int32_t(player->getFreeCapacity()));
  12. psilocybusmaxim

    Tibia 3D Multiplayer Project - what do you think?

    Dude this is epic, I really wish you the best of luck this looks amazing! Edit, Hope my old ass comp could run this. I would defiantly try it out lol
  13. psilocybusmaxim

    players freeze when using diagonals (OTX)

    If that didn't work try this, change sources/creature.cpp around line 1681. From, return ((1000 * Item::items[tile->ground->getID()].speed) / stepSpeed); To, return ((1000 * Item::items[tile->ground->getID()].speed) / stepSpeed) * lastStepCost;
  14. psilocybusmaxim

    Error compiling in Dev C++

    Did you see Heyron's post 16 hours ago?
  15. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 So this is how my cap look's, it only go's to 600'ish and then resets to a lower number. IT WILL NEVER SHOW OVER 600'ish CAP. Protocolgame.cpp - On the server. msg->put<uint16_t>(int32_t(player->getFreeCapacity() * 100)); Also tried...
  16. psilocybusmaxim

    History of Tibia/Antica documentary

    I loved it! I wish there was more videos like this, but this should have been done years ago! Still cool though.
  17. psilocybusmaxim

    [France] [Custom / 7.72] Belvedera74 Low-Rate Real Map, PvP - Enforced, Sunday 23/1 - 18:00pm

    That's insane I've been working on my OT for 6 months on and off, I still don't think I'd launch till May. You got balls putting that up in 3 days XD. Kinda makes me afraid to test it.
  18. psilocybusmaxim

    players freeze when using diagonals (OTX)

    Change sources/creature.cpp from, line 1676 int64_t Creature::getEventStepTicks(bool onlyDelay/* = false*/) const { int64_t ret = getWalkDelay(); if(ret <= 0) { int64_t stepDuration = getStepDuration(); if(onlyDelay && stepDuration > 0) ret = 1...
  19. psilocybusmaxim

    Question for Newbies.

    How to cherry pick from Github to Gitlab! I add in all my fixes manually at the moment, would help me. I'm not sure if its been done on otland yet.
  20. psilocybusmaxim

    Merge ORTS with latest TFS

    You may need a new data pack, I don't use TFS so I cant tell you for sure. One thing I would try to do though is find a new data pack, test it out in a different folder.