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  1. gpedro

    client/launcher downloader

    the easiest way to download every latest update for all platforms (OSX, Linux and Windows). the most problem I have encountered working on OpenTibiaBR was trying to get the latest updates to store it to and implement the protocol updates in the future. thinking about that, I have developed this...
  2. gpedro

    TOOL: Client Editor for Tibia 11/12 (Patch RSA/WebService)

    hello guys, i have developed a cool tool to patch tibia client (change RSA and change loginWebService)... cuz some ppl having a lot of trouble with hex editor... it's a cli tool and run on Windows and Linux. The arguments of the program are "Tibia.exe location" and "loginWebService (aka...
  3. gpedro

    OTServBR-Global 12x w/ Bestiary, QuickLoot and more

    heeey, sup? https://github.com/opentibiabr/OTServBR-Global/tree/develop We would like to invite you to contribute to the development of the project, as it will be available for free to all. To contribute, you do not need to understand programming. You can help test and report bugs...
  4. gpedro

    [MyAAC][Plugin] login.php for Tibia 12

    This plugins allows you to use new login.php capabilities of Tibia client 12 and higher. This plugin includes file login.php, that will be extracted to your main installation dir after install. Installation: Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select tibia12-login.zip and click...
  5. gpedro

    OpenTibia Sprite Extractor written in NodeJS

    Hi, Check this: https://github.com/TibiaJS/sprites-extractor
  6. gpedro

    Spoof Types

    someone could describe and tell what kinds of spoof the system can detect? Recently, I was banned and the description of the ban, was written Type #1, WTF is Type #1?
  7. gpedro

    [GESIOR AAC] BugRecords

    Bug Records OR SIMPLY BUGPROGRESS This system has projected to help manage the server issues and bugs found on the server or site. So having greater control over those occurring Lets GO! Install in fast 5 steps [*=1]Download . [*=1]Execute Z_BUG_LOGS.SQL in your database...
  8. gpedro

    Post ideas of systems to GAAC/MAAC

    Poste idéias para sistemas para Gesior AAC and Modern AAC Post ideas for systems to Gesior AAC and Modern AAC
  9. gpedro

    [Gesior AAC]Admin Teleporter Player

    ;) SQL PHPMYADMIN ALTER TABLE players ADD `t_x` int(11) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE players ADD `t_y` int(11) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE players ADD `t_z` int(11) NOT NULL; ALTER TABLE players ADD `t_active` int(11) NOT NULL; teleport.php <script language="JavaScript"> function...
  10. gpedro

    [TEMPLATE][SEMI-BETA]TibiaCOM for Modern AAC

  11. gpedro

    [MODERN AAC][BETA]Layout TibiaCOM

    I created the layout tibiacom form modernaac free for all Its beta version, Have bugs, obvious. if someone want to correct errors and send me, i edit here with bugs fixed. REP++ DOWNLOAD HERE Credits: gpedro.
  12. gpedro

    Compiling Items otbm dot acepted version! Help.

    Help .-.
  13. gpedro

    Compiling Real server to tfs? Help

    I use real server, and how do I get a TFS_0_4.DEV him accept my item.otbm and plain language of my data base?
  14. gpedro

    Compiling Comp tfs 0.4 errors

    Personnel are appearing these errors when compiling the vo .. tfs 0.4 otra doubt .. I have a 3829 rev of tfs 0.4compilada here, but requests that use the tfs (encryptionType = "sha1") except that my current database is in encryptionType = "plain", is there any way to compile for plain...
  15. gpedro

    Windows Help fast ! +repp

    im using real server ! and have this crashes ! PLEASE :(
  16. gpedro

    Compiling Tfs 0.4

    Hello ppl i have a question. . Anyone know how rev of tfs 0.4 more ultilized on otservers 8.60 ? Thx sorry for bad english. :$
  17. gpedro

    Please help accounts gesior

    after i paste the code : [SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet = 16776192; ] in my sql DB, the Players create their accounts on the site over the game says it does not exist. someone help me! And accounts not work in site, not login to manage :S sorry for english ! BUT I NEED IT, MY OTSERVER WAS...
  18. gpedro

    Windows Mysql

    Good afternoon .. i was executed it on mysql db and now players create their accounts on the site over the game says it does not exist. someone help me! and can someone tell me some fire wall against DDO's? on my server is showing invalids packet sizes .. is ddo's attacks? thx!
  19. gpedro

    Tfs 0.4 - donator

    Good evening, personally I am Brazilian and I want to be a donor otland, but not any of my credit cards work on paypal which is here on the site, I tried even cards from friends but not work, there is another way to donate, here in Brazil? thank
  20. gpedro

    [Request]Modification in script

    I want these scripts have function to disable and enable the config.lua