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  1. Nevalopo

    Inte en enda ny post 2017?

    Så sjukt dött otland är nuförtiden ez första 2017 thread och antagligen den enda thread hela 2017->forever
  2. Nevalopo

    Where do i get 10.40 Tfs version?

    Edit: Figured it out. Downgraded tfs 1.0
  3. Nevalopo

    What are people using to edit spirtes for custom clients?

    Hi! Im wondering what you guys are using to edit sprites for a custom client. I know the tibiaeditor for 8.6 etc but what about later version like tfs 1.X+?
  4. Nevalopo

    Can't change avatar?

    Hi! Im trying to change my avatar and whenever i click my avatar i get Error The following error occurred: The contents of the uploaded image do not match the file's extension. Anyone have any idea how i can delete my current avatar?
  5. Nevalopo

    Lua COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC whats the one based on skills?

    Hi! I have now read about COMBAT_FORMULA_LEVELMAGIC which i understand is only based on minmax and level and magiclevel, What do i use if i want it to be based on a single skill like fist fighting? COMBAT_FORMULA_SKILL ?? Is there any explanation of how i use this to either get max skill or a...
  6. Nevalopo

    Solved Voc ID 9 fast soul regen

    Hi! I have a little problem with my soul regen script for voc 9 this is what i have so far: local vocations,max_soul = {{9}},{200} function onThink(interval, lastExecution, thinkInterval) for _, cid in ipairs(getPlayersOnline()) do local maxsoul =...
  7. Nevalopo

    setCreatureMaxMana on Voc ID?

    Hi! Im really bad at lua can someone explain to me why this doesn't work? I want to set 0 mana to everyone with vocation id 9 when they login. If possible with a storage id so it doesnt get spammed every time. Here is what i got (tfs 0.4) function onLogin(cid) if...
  8. Nevalopo

    Windows 8.6 TFS 4.0+?

    Hi! I haven't been here for a while and i want to get into server hosting etc, I want to try make one of theese evo servers that arent pay to win ^^ I checked around a bit and couldn't find 8.6 tfs 4.0+ Where do i find it? TL;DR Where to find 8.6 tfs distro that support 4.0+ mods etc
  9. Nevalopo

    How is a normal players supposed to play here?

    Houses cost up to 90 million.. How am i supposed to get this money without botting? lolee
  10. Nevalopo

    Who will play ashengard.net?

    Im just wondering. I will ofcourse try it out but is this a known server or something? It has had a week countdown on otservlist and thats 700 euro..
  11. Nevalopo

    I took my smurf to diamond and lend the acc to a bronze..

    So. I took my smurf to diamond and i don't really care more about it now that i finished my goal with it. So i got this friend always asking me to play on my diamond account cuz he would be so powerful there when he have a good team and no troll teammates. Long story short: Friend is Bronze...
  12. Nevalopo

    Solved Help im retard. How do i fix RME Working for 8.6?

    I downloaded official one from rme homepage but when i try open and load 8.6 it either says invalid .dat file if i dont check signature and if i check signature and select tibia 8.6 it will just reopen the window and ask me to select 8.6 agian and i cannot get past this. help pls im retard thx
  13. Nevalopo

    jeje best freestyle

  14. Nevalopo

    Solved Server cannot connect to MYSQL?

    Hi. For some reason server cannot connect to the MYSQL server. More info than that i don't have. I can connect to the mysql server fine both through navicat and phpmyadmin, I can edit databases etc easy but when i start the server it crash because it can't connect to MYSQL server. If anyone have...
  15. Nevalopo

    world pls.. y u do dis

    Slicka öga – ny sextrend i Japan | Nyheter | Aftonbladet ???????? comments pls
  16. Nevalopo

    [ElfBot] 8.6 Use item x on item y? Possible?

    Does anyone know if its possible? Lets say you have an item in your backpack its a peanut. You need the nutcracker to open the peanut. Its possible? (Not ground items) Useitem 2386 with item 2658 Possible? I haven't been able to find any functions like it. Thanks
  17. Nevalopo

    Where da custom/evo servers at?

    Im sad to see that there are no good evo/custom servers up with a decent amount of players and no "ADMIN SWORD" and "ADMIN MANARUNE" donations :( Why doesn't anyone like evo/custom servers anymore?
  18. Nevalopo

    Complaint Moderaters giving out IP numbers? What the FUCK?

    Hi. A moderater just gave out my ip to a random server owner and then banned both me and my brother. OTLand mods what the fuck are u doing? that is private shit i would also like to know WHO gave out my IP. This is serious and makes me want to leave otland when mods are just throwing all my info...
  19. Nevalopo

    Best recording software? Fraps? Msi? FFSplit?

    So.. Anyone know the best current recorder software? Like if i want to record 60fps cs gameplay or highquality age of empires gameplay. Fraps files are sooooo huge. Anyone know of the currently best recording software?
  20. Nevalopo


    gg :/ im just happy i didnt get perma lol