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  1. SoloQ

    Fragslist php

    Hello, I am using [Gesior AAC] Victims list (https://otland.net/threads/gesior-aac-victims-list.69303/) //frags list by Xampy $frags_limit = 10; // frags limit to show? // default: 10 $player_frags = $SQL->query('SELECT `player_deaths`.*...
  2. SoloQ

    Connecting to Mysql in Php

    Hello, After a few years of no tibia I tried to setup an old project I was working on. I downloaded Xampp and booted it all up. My website was working as far as I can remember but when going to my bounty hunters page I got the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined...
  3. SoloQ

    Solved Talkaction wont work

    Hey guys, I compiled myself a server and am trying out all the commands but i can only do /a with my god char. All other talkactions like /n , /m and /i dont work. I dont get a message ingame or a console message. Any ideas? I compiled this distribution...
  4. SoloQ

    Solved Cannot compile a tibia 10.9 version

    Hey guys I am trying to compile a 10.9 version for myself to play around with in my free time, but I am running into some problems. http://pastebin.com/mYZQcKDb This is my output from compiling. I am following this tutorial...
  5. SoloQ

    Website wont show main content

    Hey guys, I have been messing around with different typ of layouts for gesior but for some reason the Widnet layout wont show its main menu and the right side is also fault. I dont get any errors or such that I can see. I am currently using: This is how it looks...
  6. SoloQ

    Solved Website problems adding towns to config

    Hey guys, I was looking at https://otland.net/threads/gesior-how-to-put-towns-to-select.57722/ In my case I am trying to add the towns to the $towns_list $towns_list[0] = array(2 => 'Thais', 1 => 'Venore', 4 => 'Carlin'); This is how it currently is, I am trying to add my towns to this...
  7. SoloQ

    Solved Npc will not talk

    Hello, I am running a 0.3.7 crying damson server and am trying to get my npc zalamon to work regarding the wrath of the emperor. When I ask him for a mission this is his response: 19:20 Zalamon: Welcome, Snoeihard! I have been expecting you. 19:20 Snoeihard [128]: mission 19:20 Zalamon: 19:20...
  8. SoloQ

    Cannot Login

    Hello, I am trying to run the ORTS real map project 10.76 but I cannot login for some reason. http://gyazo.com/2ce5f73f264a723392a53e967ce280e5 <- Console error Tibia it self will just keep saying connecting to game world. -- ordered as in creaturescripts.xml local events = {...
  9. SoloQ

    Solved Demon Oak

    Hello, Im trying to use http://otland.net/threads/working-demon-oak-quest.40244/ but I keep getting the following problem: http://gyazo.com/04ec2e0993e2131f1a95d826085163e9 Does anybody know what I did wrong? I am using distro 0.3.6. -SoloQ
  10. SoloQ

    Solved Flags

  11. SoloQ

    Gesior Flags Problem

    Hi guys, The flags won't show on the characters, help please :> The config has this in it: $config['site']['flag_images_url'] = 'http://flag-images.ots.me/'; $config['site']['flag_images_extension'] = '.png'; When my mouse hovers on the 'flag area' it says Country: Also when creating...
  12. SoloQ

    Solved Website problem

    Hello guys, I have guild.php and war.php etc. I am using the newest Gesior. Question is how do I get a menu button of war on the menu after Guild? note: if I go to http://localhost/?subtopic=wars it works fine but I need the menu button. -SoloQ
  13. SoloQ

    SoloQ Mapping

    Hi guys, I am trying to make a new city and this is the start of it, the depot. Top till bottom: VV goes in the hole you see on the right side of depot. I would appreciate your opinion. Please tell me if you think I should change something or add something etc. . First time so don't be so...
  14. SoloQ


    Fijne Kroningsdag iedereen!
  15. SoloQ

    Complete Inquisition Tutorial

    Hi guys, These are scripts for the inquisition quest. They have been tested on 0.3.7! Edited on 8-6-2013: I have changed something that should allow it to work on all versions now. -Credits to Limos for telling me. Add these things in your script folders, positions are set as in real tibia so...
  16. SoloQ

    Solved Removing a wall.

    Hi guys, I am trying to make my poi work so for the lava walls you encounter I made this: function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local cfg = { p = { wall_ = { x = 32831, y = 32333, z = 11 }, -- Where the wall is. lever = { x = 32820, y = 32321, z = 10 }...
  17. SoloQ

    Poi electric sparks door.

    Hi guys, I was wondering how you could let people walk threw an electric spark if they have 7 storage id's from the poi thrones and if they don't have all the storage id's they get an error message that says they haven't completed the all the pits...
  18. SoloQ

    Solved NPC problems

    Oke, soooooooooo I did something that messed up all the NPC's. Some say hi as normally some don't. Others do there thing like towncryer BUT if I say trade I get the food trading option. If I go to the boat I have the same problem and can't even travel soooo.... Helpzzzz. So I will give...
  19. SoloQ

    Solved Remere's map editor question

    Hi guys :3, I got a real map with a thais that is remapped into a zao look. Personally I think its really ugly and I want to change it. It would take me ages to go throw the whole of thais so I also have another real map with a clean thais in it. How can I only merge thais together? So NOT...
  20. SoloQ

    Windows Server won't launch

    Hi there, I got a server pack from the download section and I added TFS 0.2 (8.6) in the server but it gives me the following error: This is my "setup": Would appreciate some help ;) ---------------- I solved my problem by using a rev 3777 (donators forum sorry guys <3) Something...