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  1. Peonso

    Wow classic

    Its today
  2. Peonso

    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - SINCE JULY 2018

    Not gonna say it's a good thing, but for most of the playerbase it's a non-factor, specially because it's not PvP oriented.
  3. Peonso

    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - SINCE JULY 2018

    Peora is the best Peora server ever hosted in Japan.
  4. Peonso

    [OTHire 7.72] Attack Speed problem during movement/runes

    I'm not familiar with the changes needed to reach that fast attackspeed, but I would say something in the moving function is interrupting the next scheduled attack.
  5. Peonso

    X or Y

    BBQ Pokémon X or Pokémon Y?
  6. Peonso

    Which source should I use for 8.60?

    Make sure to get input from people that actually are running 8.6 servers. When people ask about 7.x, I see tons of clueless people suggesting last hyped release they have no experience with.
  7. Peonso

    The state of this community

    OP says he is not here to point fingers but do it anyway, then say he doesn't want to help. At least he is not ingenous to say he has some magic solution. Amazing and mindblowing analysis, probably high IQ.
  8. Peonso

    The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away

    That's the problem. People have no idea of how/why things happened, still they complain without putting the effort. OTC was forked because it was 2 years without a maintainer, as soon as it was forked Iryont went back to main repository and it got some activity again, soon after OTCv8 became a...
  9. Peonso

    The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away

    You marking me to say total bullshit, you should at least be fair. I never said the solution is "leave it". I told you should stop saying what other people should be doing and start helping by yourself. While we have empty heads that all they know to do is to SPAM SUPPORT FORUM, then create a...
  10. Peonso

    Thoughts about moving general settings to config.lua

    I don't think it makes any sense. You can make infinite amount of customization on TFS, you gonna add a way enable/disable/customize every action/movement/creature script through the config file? It doesn't even have a map, the entry level talk makes nonsense. It is just clutter. Change sex...
  11. Peonso

    Shikate - Pixelart

    Yes, it's him.
  12. Peonso

    Lua [ACTION] TFS 1.2 Exploration points

    This is simple to do. You need one overall storage but also one storage for each statue, once you update the storate for each single statue you can update the overall storage.
  13. Peonso

    Any “Serious” Servers out there?

    Peora.org is online since 2018 july, has everything u want, and nonstop updates. But playerbase is abysmal low. [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - SINCE JULY 2018 (https://otland.net/threads/japan-7-6-peora-since-july-2018.259709/)
  14. Peonso

    Request maps you need here!

  15. Peonso

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    There image spreedsheets as well as files compatible with tfs if you put some work. Anyone can make pull in the repo, the difficult come from all the work needed updating all the files, when I add a sprite from someone there is a spreedsheet only with sprites from this guy, a spreedsheet with...
  16. Peonso

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I didn't understand what you mean. What tools are not good for group work? I would like to keep it updatedi to current TFS protocol, but also don't want to bother with unnoficial editor without sources. When you talk about adding thing to the server you got me confused, there is no server, just...
  17. Peonso

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I manually cut and add everything to ObjectBuilder, than create items.xml and rme files, everything manually. It's protocol 10.41 because official ObjectBuilder stopped at version 10.56, nearly sure you can open it and save as 10.98 on a proper editor. Working with it requires a lot of effort...
  18. Peonso

    The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away

    He came here to criticize people that are moving it foward, to demand they do better. He has no right to say bullshit about the main branch, people here need to understand they can't demand it to be better if they are not putting their efforts there. Also clueless guys thinking patreon would...
  19. Peonso

    The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away

    You said you were criticizing a project and not people, tell me if the project creates difficulties and excuses or people do it. Then you tell me again if you criticizing a project or people behind it. And then you tell me if this sounds aggressive or not. Then you tell me if the image I put...
  20. Peonso

    The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away

    Run out of bullshit to say?