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  1. rwxsu

    Programmer Paid Job - Write Tutorial

    I'm looking for an experienced Lua developer to write exclusive Lua tutorials in your own words. You earn 10 euro per tutorial. You need Paypal. Contact me on discord rwxsu#0046
  2. rwxsu

    Why Did We Remove Modules From TFS?

    Why Did We Remove Modules From TFS? It does not make sense. Pros: You can copy-paste the scripts you want easily, because you don't have to distribute the script across multiple files and folders. You can add/remove scripts without touching existing code (such as talkactions.xml). Cons: ?
  3. rwxsu

    Why You Should Use The New Crypto-Based Browser

    Why You Should Use The New Crypto-Based Browser, Brave. I have hidden this video from YouTube. Only some people will see it. Other: 1. collect BAT while browsing automatically 2. block all annoying ads automatically 3. tip your favorite sites with BAT (e.g. Otland is a Brave verified...
  4. rwxsu

    GoOT (Golang Server)

    I just started writing a server in Go using SharpOT and old YurOTS as a reference. It's just for learning and it's not meant to compete with TFS. My goal is to write parsers to have it compatible with the leaked cipsoft files (like Nostalrius did with the .npc files). Starting with protocol...
  5. rwxsu

    Aries Server 8.1 (source code request)

    Hello, Does anyone have the source code for this server: From what I've heard, it's a 8.0 server upgraded to 8.1 (this could be false)
  6. rwxsu

    How do mappers collaborate?

    What is your advice on how to deal with .otbm files if you have several mappers working for you at the same time? There has to be something better than manually having to copy the modified areas you receive.
  7. rwxsu

    Why does TFS use bitwise shifting in enums?

    Hello, I'm just curious to why TFS chooses to use bitwise shifting in enumerations? E.g.: enum itemAttrTypes : uint32_t { ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_NONE, ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_ACTIONID = 1 << 0, ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_UNIQUEID = 1 << 1, ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DESCRIPTION = 1 << 2, ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_TEXT = 1 <<...
  8. rwxsu

    How To Inject Your Own DLL Using OllyDBG

    OllyDBG: http://www.ollydbg.de/odbg200.zip
  9. rwxsu

    How To Inject Your Own DLL Using IIDKing

    Just a quick video on how to inject your own DLL into any Tibia client. Edit: I have had some issues with IIDKing, use OllyDBG instead: How To Inject Your Own DLL Using OllyDBG
  10. rwxsu

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    Sources: rwxsu/tibianic-dll How To Compile (Windows): wiki The wiki contains all the tools you need to compile. All credit goes to Iryont.
  11. rwxsu

    [France] Tibria 7.72 - Real Map - Exp Rate: 30x - 30 Day FREE Premium

    IP: tibria.com Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Host: 250Mbps and anti-DDoS protection Map: Real Tibia Map (Cipsoft) Experience Rate: 30x Skill Rate: 18x Magic Rate: 6x Regen Rate: 3x Loot Rate: 3x Spawn Rate: 3x I really developed this server to play myself, to have the authentic old school...
  12. rwxsu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.2] Task System

    Task System For TFS 1.2 Features: * You can add as many tasks as you want * You can add as many rewards as you want for each task * You can add multiple monsters to a task, so it registers the kill on different monsters (e.g. dragon and dragon lord) * You can change the name of the task * You...
  13. rwxsu

    This is hilarious

    If you haven't seen this and you played Tibia back in the day...
  14. rwxsu

    GlobalEvent [TFS 1.2] Zombie Arena

    Big thanks to @Fablow for sponsoring! Map was just made for testing, you can use any map: Step 1: Adding the library Add in data/lib/event/zombie_arena.lua ------------------------------------------------------ -- Zombie Arena by rwxsu --...
  15. rwxsu

    [Quest] An Uneasy Alliance

    An Uneasy Alliance - RL - TFS: 1.2 Quest Wiki: An Uneasy Alliance Quest/Spoiler Add to data/lib/core/quests/uneasy_alliance.lua folder: UneasyAlliance = { storage = { [1] = { onMission = 80770, complete = 80771, rewarded = 80772...
  16. rwxsu

    Programmer Do You Need Website Development?

    Premium Programming/Scripting Services Protocols: 7.x - 10.98 Website services: * Front-end: CSS / JavaScript * Back-end: PHP / Go * SQL * Server setup LAMP In-game services: * Lua * C++ * DLL Injection (tibianic) I do not work with OTClient. Scroll down for free content and examples...
  17. rwxsu

    Webdesigner Need Help With Your Website?

    Need Help With Your Website? What I can do for you: * Design (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) * PHP * MySQL/phpmyadmin I've made websites with ZnoteAAC before and know it well. Just send me a quick pm on how you want your website to look and what features you want to have. * Only paid projects atm...