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  1. Derlexy

    OTC - Character Walking like if its extremely PARALIZED

    Hello guys. In using the last OTC files (from edubarts github repository) and the Nostalrius 7.72 distro. My problem is that when i walk with any character, it moves like its extremely paralized. It happens when i walk using arrows or WASD. When i map click, it goes normal until the last SQM...
  2. Derlexy

    Buttons Position - OTC

    Hello guys. Im trying to learn how to change things in OTC, so im a newbie on it. Right now, im changing the UI by using tibias textures and changing the miniwindows a little bit (to make it looks more like old zezenias client). The problem im stuck on is kinda simple to unsderstand: If i left...
  3. Derlexy

    Compiling TFS 1.2 (Nostalrius 7.7) -> LuaJit error

    Hellow guys, im trying to compile this server (TwistedScorpio/Nostalrius (https://github.com/TwistedScorpio/Nostalrius)) following this tutorial (otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Ubuntu))... Im getting this error: curiosity: ive compiled it...
  4. Derlexy

    OT Client: IP and Version:

    Hello there. I set my OTC to open on my server IP and Version, but when i send the OTC to my friends, they cant login. On ENTERGAME.LUA: When i try to login on my on computer, everything works. The problem is when i send the client to a friend and he open the client: Can someone help me? TY
  5. Derlexy

    Remove Runes from Battle to Players:

    First of all, im using this distribution: [7.72] RealOTX with CastSystem - OpenSource I need some help to block players from use runes to another players from battle list, but i dont know where to change it. I know i can do it on the client, but it dont prevent anything, once someone can modify...
  6. Derlexy

    Little HELP Compiling:

    I've have followed https://github.com/edubart/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows tutorial, but i get the following error. Error 1 error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'boost/thread/future.hpp': No such file or directory (..\src\client\client.cpp) C:\otclient\src\framework\stdext\thread.h 26 1...
  7. Derlexy

    Set Default Client Version

    How to set an default client version on OTC?
  8. Derlexy

    [HELP] OTClient QuestLog:

    I need some help here, check directly here: https://github.com/edubart/otclient/issues/755
  9. Derlexy

    [BUG] Containers and Report System (CTRL + R):

    Hello guys, i need some help here. First of all, i'm using the RealOTX 7.72 Server (Github), compiled as 7.72. I have this two bugs that i dont know how to fix: 1. Containers BUG: When your backpack or any container is full, with no free slots, but you have items to stack on this container and...
  10. Derlexy

    DOUBT: Max OTClient Instances

    How to allow only 2 instances of OTClient (MC)?
  11. Derlexy

    DOUBT: onTextMessage problem:

    Hello guys, can someone help me? Some messages arent working on my OTClient: I get this error every time a monster yells, a broadcast message is sent...
  12. Derlexy

    Lua doTeleportThing() error:

    Hello guys, maybe someone can help me with this: I'm working on a Avesta 7.4, and i got some console errors when I execute my script, it follows: function getPlayersInArea(fromPos, toPos) -- function by amoeba13 playersInArea = {} for Px = fromPos.x, toPos.x do for Py =...
  13. Derlexy

    Items.otb 10.41

    Hello guys... I've dowloaded and compiled the TFS 1.0 direct from the project GitHub, and now, when i try to open the items.otb with OTItemEditor, the program says that my items.otb is 10.35... But, the server uses tibia 10.41. How can i fix this problem?
  14. Derlexy

    Elements Resistence:

    Sup guys... Did someone knows some system/script that makes possible to add an specific element resistence to an vocation?
  15. Derlexy

    TFS 1.0 cant connect (10061)

    Sup guys... I'm trying to login on my TFS 1.0 (10.41) and i got the (10061) error after select the characters on characters list! The server is online, without errors! CLICK HERE TO GIF!
  16. Derlexy

    Trying to Scripting:

    I'm trying to do this script, but it isn't work, and i got this warning idk why: Can someone help me? =P
  17. Derlexy

    Spell doing Multihits:

    Hello guys... I have this spell, for example: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_HITAREA) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_ETHEREALSPEAR)...
  18. Derlexy

    Outfits for Vocations:

    Hello guys. Someone knows some Outfits for Vocations script that works on TFS 1.2 (10.77)? If it don't exist, can someone create this for me? =P
  19. Derlexy


    My server is an TFS 1.2, 10.77. Why i buy one house, restart the server and the house i've bought isnt mine no more?
  20. Derlexy

    Itens on House tiles by Map Editor:

    How can i do to put some itens on the house tiles on the Remere Map Editor and make to this itens dont desapear when i start the sever?