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  1. reniz

    Problem with creating character (Modern AAC)

    Hi, i got a problem, and the problem is that when i try to make a char i get this error It didnt worked to past the script here so i take the text from line 152 : /** * Checks if object is loaded. * * @return bool Load state. */ public function isLoaded() { Thx Rep++
  2. reniz

    Problem with the new Modern AAC

    Hi guys, i got a problem with installing modern AAC. When i am trying to enter the install page iget this error : Plz help me REP++
  3. reniz

    Neo bot

  4. reniz

    Scripter Searching for a scripter!

    Hi Eveyone, I am searching for a good scripter, webdesigner for my server my server has lots of buggs and i dont know how to fix them so i need a scripter for my server if u intrested msg me
  5. reniz

    need help with a spamm error!

    Hi again everyone, I have a problem with my serv a big error! when the error comes up all players logout and its just spamm here are the link to the error: ImageShack� - Online Photo and Video Hosting plz can someone help me? rep++
  6. reniz

    can someone help me with a error?

    Hi everyone, i got a eror that i cant fix plz can someone help me o fix this error: [26/06/2011 08:08:49] [Error - Spell Interface] [26/06/2011 08:08:49] data/spells/scripts/support/swift foot.lua [26/06/2011 08:08:49] Description: [26/06/2011 08:08:49] (luaCreateConditionObject)...
  7. reniz

    bot needs

    Hi i will make a new knight but i need a bot thats could help me plz can anyone give me a bot thats lvl up knights?' rep++
  8. reniz

    zaypay help

    hi guys i just got zaypay for modern AAC but i dont know how to install it i readed sian short guide but i dont understand plz can someone give me a good tutorial for modern AAC no gesior rep ++
  9. reniz

    How Can I Remove KeyLogger??

    Hi Guys, I have only 1 question How can i remove keylogger from my computer?? Does it works with antivirus?? REP++
  10. reniz


    har ni några tips om vart jag kan praoa? måste lämna in blanketten om några veckor så snälla svara snabbt och va seriös
  11. reniz

    Apache Service Doesnt starts!

    Hi guys! i use xampp, but when i try to start apache service its doesnt work it only says apache service started but it have doesnt started plz can someone help me rep ++
  12. reniz

    Problem wth Modern AAC

    hi! when i go on shop in modern AAC this errors comes up: 1. 2. plz can somone help me REP++
  13. reniz

    Need help with a easy thing!

    hi i get this problem on my server : [11/02/2011 14:53:52] mysql_real_query(): UPDATE `players` SET `onlinetimetoday`=players.onlinetimetoday+60, `onlinetimeall`=players.onlinetimeall+60 WHERE `online` = 1; - MYSQL ERROR: Unknown column 'onlinetimetoday' in 'field list' (1054) [11/02/2011...
  14. reniz

    Direct link!

  15. reniz

    cant connect to my website

    hi! i have a problem! yesterday my website worked but today i cant connect to my website can anyone help me plz!
  16. reniz

    Problem with Modern AAC! Shop system!

    Hi! i have modern aac and i use ipacc v.1.1 and i dont know how to fix the buypoints page! its will look like this picture but i dont know how to buypoints to that! plz can someone help REP++
  17. reniz

    Scripter Searching for a scripter

    Hi!i Searching for a good scripter to my website and my server add me on msn and we can talk more: [email protected]
  18. reniz

    2 servers??

    Hi! i wanna get your help plz! i will host 2 servers in 1 computer and its gonna be a normal server with donates and the other server without donates can anyone help me to host 2 server i 1pc rep++ and srry for my english