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  1. Reasembled

    Signature Tonk's - Showoff!

    this one is acctually not that bad
  2. Reasembled

    AragonRPG Mapping Thread

    gaaah so awesome
  3. Reasembled

    Elementz's Mapping Corner

    looks good :p
  4. Reasembled

    Monster Outlines : Help me develop

    somehow i cant help but tell you that making him black would make it better
  5. Reasembled

    Team Searching for a spriter and a spell maker [Paid job]

    ¤ Name : yoshua urioste ¤ Email : tibia_ot_reasembled ¤ Spriting examples : check my spriting thread http://otland.net/f119/reasembleds-sprites-148953/ (those are also very old so i can certainly do better) ¤ Why should we pick you : i have a very big spriting experience and many ppl could...
  6. Reasembled

    [Elementz OT] Discussion Thread

    plus 1
  7. Reasembled

    Gaming [Refugia] Taylor's Life Thread - RETURNED 07.03.14 !!!

    taylor, im planin in joinin u on refugia, mind helpin me out ?
  8. Reasembled

    Server Setup

    hey i need someone to help me setup a test server. add me on email : [email protected] or skype : yoshua.urioste i looked at the tutorials but have many doubts and amk very confused. REPP ++ and my services whenever needed (spriting)
  9. Reasembled

    [League of Legends] General Discussion

    sound it in your head.
  10. Reasembled

    [League of Legends] General Discussion

    thats 95 *
  11. Reasembled

    Windows rjlb.dll

    thwy dont have the file im llookin for :s
  12. Reasembled

    Windows rjlb.dll

    hey so today i was in my computer and then it suddenlly turned off, i tried to get back on but when i did i could not open anything, it says im missin a file called rjlb.dll if someone could help me id appreciate it :s im talking from my sisters computer.
  13. Reasembled

    Contest : VOTING !

    i personnally liked 2 better becuz of the lil details
  14. Reasembled

    Buying 2-3kk @ Harmonia/Secura/Olympa & 600k @ Eternia/Aldora

    €16/€19/€25., unless 1 dollar rlly matters to him i would use the service
  15. Reasembled

    Contest : VOTING !

    1.)Beo 2.)Ghostx 3.)Sharp 4.)Sherice 5.)Hiperkerma :p go vote :D
  16. Reasembled

    Armor Contest : Sign-up [OPEN]

    alright, poll being made right now :p some spriters desided to sign out so those who did will not be shown in the poll
  17. Reasembled

    Team Elementz OT [Scripter and Mapper]

    they must have 1 pro spriter, just guessing
  18. Reasembled

    Reasembled's Sprites

    haha i have been asked for a mage set multiple times, im very busy these days but ill try, dont look too exited though lol i dont promise ill have time :/