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  1. calidacs

    [France] [Custom / 7.60] Titania | Real Map | Customised Vanilla Client | All Quests & Missions from Tibia 7.6 | Start 24th July |

    Dear Tibians We are pleased to announce our project Titania. We have tried to make the most accurate copy of the real Tibia from 12th December 2005, using CipSoft virgin files and introducing some new improvements to make the gameplay more dynamic and new storyline to make the fun more exciting...
  2. calidacs

    Graphic Designer Titania 7.6 Web designer

    Hi everyone, we are creating a low rate open tibia server based in 7.6 protocol. We are a small group of friends that are trying to make real tibia replica from 7.6 with some modifications to make the gameplay a bit more dynamic. We are not professionals but we are aiming to create a long...
  3. calidacs

    What would you expect from real Tibia 7.6 server?

    Hi, guys i have been asked to make this thread and see what people really expect from servers based on real Tibia from 2005 (7.6 version). What rates would you like to play on a project that wants to make the most accurate copy of Tibia 7.6 where the only item in the shop is Premium Account...
  4. calidacs

    MyAAC Help

    Hi everyone, i have MyAAC configured with my engine, now all i need is to remove option of choosing a vocations when creating account/character, since there will be a rookgaard on my server. Any suggestions? :D
  5. calidacs

    MyAcc password encryption

    Hi, im using MyAcc for tfs 1.2, tfs is set to use sha1 passwords, and acc maker is creating accounts with plain encryption type, anyone know how i can change that to be sha1. Thanks.
  6. calidacs

    Team Need team for Shinigami Legends OTS.

    Hello, my name is Patryk, and im from Poland, actually i was thinking about something different in the thread of anime open tibia servers, this one would be based on Bleach anime but a little bit more spectacular: Dynamic class system that allows players to become a different class by passing...
  7. calidacs

    Lua OnEquip Exiva Tfs 0.3.6

    Hello, could someone help me and make for me spell Exiva which will work only if ill have equipped XXXX item? Thanks Tfs 0.3.6