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  1. xFlamek

    Lua Paralyze aoe also affect monsters

    hello, im trying to fix paralyze scripts for monsters atm using scrip like this one, but my problem is that it also affect monster, even if monster have paralyze immunity set in config. local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_SMALLCLOUDS) -- effect of...
  2. xFlamek

    Compiling Item Editor / object builder or similar program/script

    Hello, im looking for help with compilation extra feature for object builder or item editor, need one of this programs to generate xml atributes for new items that I could copy to items.xml file. Need any way to quick generate xml item attributes for new item I add to spr/dat file, cant use...
  3. xFlamek

    Spell [TFS 1.X]] Brutal Swing

    @Leo32 hello there, tried to add this spell as it is to for testing, but getting error when using regular sword with it, is it something I f**ed with data files? whole script is copy>paste except for directory. also when trying to use spell when not in range
  4. xFlamek

    C++ Item Editor / object buider or simiar tool

    Hello, Im looking for "advenced" compilation of item editor that is able to generate values for items.xml when I add items there so I can get it for copy>paste after setting options in item editor, at this point I have to write xml variables for each sprite by hand, want to make it auto...
  5. xFlamek

    [USA][Custom / 7.4][Mechanics] Sanctuary Online - NEW BETA DEC 11!!

    @Adposatnr we recruited many ppl from this forum for help/payd jobs in last 6 months, we made several system unique to our compilation. 7.4 tibia had great playerbase etc but was limited in many ways, we dont like way that cipsoft did choose for tibia future so we tried to recreate it in way...
  6. xFlamek

    Need help with new OT addition

    Hey! With friends we are closer to releasing our ot but still working about systems/balance to satisfy community needs, our today problem is if trainers should be in game or not, if yes if they should be limited etc. Great OTLand community today we need help with this one ! :D
  7. xFlamek

    Compiling Full attribute list for new tiles

    Hey there, cant find this anywhere at forum for TFS 1.3 im converting spr//dat to xml file but cant get attributes that i can see in object builder, is there any list for tile atributes? looking for list with attributes that we can see in object editor // we are doing spr/dat convert to xml
  8. xFlamek

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.2] Revive system + resurrection spell by Zbizu

    Did everything same as in 1st post but on tfs 1.3 modal window dont pop-up on death did no changes in scripts everything load corectly, no debugs at console any hits why that happen?:/
  9. xFlamek

    Programmer Server 10.98 with 7.6 ballance + custom scripts support

    Hey, Looking someone who could fix for me TFS 1.3 and RME's with 10.98(or higher if possible) sprites with 7.6 balance / no hotkeys, no pvp battle shooting etc. healing with uhs not with potions/ to make it simple, i want 10.98 sprites/items working on 7.6 server i dont care map etc, just want...
  10. xFlamek

    On what protocol it start to support fromid - toid in item.xml

    https://pastebin.com/mHnpNaqr @Nekiro did for us reading items from items.xml ignoring items.otb we are trying to import parts of map from 10.xx tibia versions to our 7.72 but somehow it is nightmare to do
  11. xFlamek

    On what protocol it start to support fromid - toid in item.xml

    we are using TFS 1.3 downgraded to protocol 7.72 and it cant read fromID toID
  12. xFlamek

    On what protocol it start to support fromid - toid in item.xml

    Hey people. I lack knowlegde at what protocol fromid started at item.xml, i know at 7.72 its still every id as single entry, at what version did they implement fromId "families"?
  13. xFlamek

    Custom 7.72 server quick questions about balance you would like to see there.

    It will be rl map with custom changes about out lore involving changes to spots forgotten by "cipsoft" and part of tibia "history" that they totaly denied. We are done with base map, now going for all possible mods/changes and out own lore to make game enjoyable also for casuals as for PGers...
  14. xFlamek

    [RME] Compiling RME to work with item.xml not with item.otb

    Hey Everyone, I have a little issue with getting RME working with just item.xml, we had to discard totaly item.otb because it was impossible to import new sprites to 7.72 protocol. One of great scripters here made that possible for us but now we found issue compiling RME for this method, if...
  15. xFlamek

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - May Voting Thread

    My vote goes to 6. I think it looks the most as Harbor at small city or fisherman village, would love to see someone mapping it with just old sprites, sadly they are limiting factor for great creations
  16. xFlamek

    Custom 7.72 server quick questions about balance you would like to see there.

    Hello, we are one step closer to start our server soon, but still wondering what !serverinfo ppl would love to get on start, we aim for long term server with 10.36 /adjusted to be enjoyable/map on 7.72 TibiaRules /no hotkeys etc/ Would love to ask couple of question on this short survey / we...
  17. xFlamek

    [7.6] Yalahar

    Hey, by any chance u still have that maps for 7.6 ?:D would love to get them all :"D
  18. xFlamek

    Server crashes after added dar/spr to tibia

    Hey, I have similar problem, we are running TFS 1.3 tibia 7.72, we did export sprites from 10.98 and imported to our sprite/dat, but cant make item.otb from that, all the time problem with loading map etc, also cant get RME working because we cant get item.otb for our spr/dat any help with this...
  19. xFlamek

    TFS 1.X+ Way to use tibia 10+sprites on server for protocol 7.6?

    up we did export sprites from 10.98 client to single files *.otb then imported it to object editor with totaly clean version then compiled as 7,72 but can anyone tell me how to generate item.otb from that "custom" spr/dat? we tried with otitemeditor 0.2.2 but it crashes if we try to "compile"...
  20. xFlamek

    Action [TFS 1.X] Cursed Chests

    What if ill add more waves and last one will be with boss monsters? but how to make that last wave will spawn just one monster, or how to make different monsters for each box, thats issue i cant manage to fix