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Search results

  1. Smoker9

    Scripter Searching Scripter

    Hello, Im searching a Scripter for my Ot!! I want : Age Name Exeperience My Ot = cloudd.no-ip.org (8.54) (IP+Website) pm me in Ot ( [Own3r] ClouDx) or post it on our Forum! My MSN= [email protected] (DONT POST ANYTHING IN HERE!!)
  2. Smoker9

    Sprite Fusion?

    Hey guys i wanted to ask how do i "Fusion" a sword with an addon for example: with and make it to a nice addon :) please anwser :)
  3. Smoker9

    Explain me how to do a own Tibia Client Skin!!!

    Hey guys, if posted already such a thread but no anwser. if been looking a while now for a tutorial how to do a skin , if found much of them but most are from 2006 or so and are kind of strange or downloads arent in anymore. i need a easy understanding explain please! ty
  4. Smoker9

    Please Tutorial: How to make a Tibia skin (Tibia.pic)

    Same as my post before. i was watching 10000+ of tutorials but nothing was explaind good. i need a tutorial wich is good explaind and easy to understand how to do an own tibia skin (tibia.pic) would be rlly nice!
  5. Smoker9

    New Tutorial for doing own Client!

    If been watching 100+ of tutorials and all were from 2008 and some downloads are deleted and other stuff. can someone mabey make a new tutorial wich is from 2010 wich shows how to do a own custom client for ot server? please
  6. Smoker9

    My own Scapper Arena

    Hello,this is my own scapper arena,looks like its for RPG but its for everyone :) Comment please,ty!