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  1. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Changes in xml / lua don't apply immediately

    Hi. I have discovered a very annoying "bug" in my TFS 1.3. Sometimes it doesn't update changes made in files immediately. For example, i'm editing numbers in vocations.xml (mana regen etc.) or damage formulas in spell.lua and it is not changing after server restart (sometimes it updates after x...
  2. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Weird map-connected bugs that crashes client

    Hi. I've got fresh, just compilled TFS 1.3. I just connected it to some map made in RME, nothing else was changed. And so far, i noticed two weird bugs, somehow connected with map bugs. First one is wooden trash bug. When wooden trash (id 2250, 2251, 2252, 2253 etc.) does exist on my server...
  3. devzan14

    OTClient 2 errors & 99 warnings during compiling

    Hi. I'm trying to compile OTClient and I got 2 errors and 99 warnings. Those errors are the same as with TFS 1.3, but i don't remember where I can edit included lua files. And additionally, i got 99 warnings. There are more but no point to show them all here. Just to your informations, I have...
  4. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Bows & Crossbows don't count as a weapon

    I have very weird problem. Bows & crossbows don't count as a weapon. I mean, if i have spell with needweapon="1" While have bow/crossbow equipped, it says If I change weapon to e.g. Sword, it works. It weirdo because i haven't changed anything in crossbows/bows, so I don't understand.
  5. devzan14

    Lua Function to get current weapon's skill

    Hi! I was trying to find it in documentation or in Otland in general, but could not find it. Ive got spell that deals dmg & heals: setCombatCallback(combat, CALLBACK_PARAM_SKILLVALUE, "onGetFormulaValues") function onCastSpell(cid, var) local skill,lvl =...
  6. devzan14

    TFS 1.X+ Modifying "over time" (utori) spells

    Hi. I was trying to understand this through tests, modyfing numbers but nothing gave me logical rules. I'd like to modify spells that works over time, i mean utori pox/flam/vis/whatever. In Utura, the other "over time" spell i can see rules, i've got there ticks. But in attacking over time...
  7. devzan14

    Greater fields

    Hi :) I would like to give a some monsters spell that creating fields (poison, fire etc.) but greater than default (longer, more dmg per tick). I dont have an idea where to find scripts for fields. Where is it?
  8. devzan14

    Problem with compilling

    Hi ;) First of all I'd like to say that this thread is a last thing I wanted to do. I tried to fix my problem with few ways, but unsuccessfuly. I am trying to compile TFS. Every files I got from the GitHub guide. But It doesn't work. Because earlier I had a newest Boost (1.69), I downloaded...
  9. devzan14

    ItemEditor doesn't see added sprites via ObjectEditor

    Hello. I am playing with item adding to TFS 1.2 (10.98). I use ObjectEditor + ItemEditor. I was doing this with this tutorial (found in otland). But I have problem... When I want to change in ItemEditor clientID to my sprite's ID, there is problem, sound error like "doesnt exist". Have no idea...
  10. devzan14

    Which client version and server?

    Hey! I am during time when i am bored af, too much free time and nothing to do. So i decided to come back to having fun with creating OTS. I used to use TFS 1.1 under 10.77 client, by when I was looking for everything for those, I couldn't find RME that support 10.77 (only 10.76, TFS 1.1...
  11. devzan14

    No vocations server?

    Hey guys. I am following Sinth's topic about vocations system and one of answers there, written by @DarkColon Made idea in my mind. What would you guys say about server with no vocations? You know, hm... You can carry any type of weapon, everyone gain the same amount of hp/cap, the same rate...
  12. devzan14

    "No elemental" dmg OR unresistable elemental dmg?

    Hi. I am working on 5th vocation on OTS - Warlock. In my mind, I took of death-element wands, rods and spells from Sorc (only fire & energy spells & wands) and Druid (only ice & earth spells & rods) and gave that to Warlock (only death spells, death rods and wads [necrotic, voodoo, underworld...
  13. devzan14

    Which one TFS with highest client version is best?

    Hey. I'm looking for "best" TFS server. I know about Mystic Spirit ("stable"), Crying Damson ("more features"), and TFS 1.2 (? Is that difference type for sure? Idk.). I remember that Mystic Spirit has a very narrow options for adding and modify server (to add own items, spells, scripts etc.)...
  14. devzan14

    Server doesnt see account created via PMA

    Hey. I just downloaded TFS 1.2 for version 10.77. I have 0 accounts there, so I created new table in database, only typing name and password as 1/1. When i log on, client says "incorrect name or password". What am I doing wrong? I dont get it...