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  1. Reasembled

    Server Setup

    hey i need someone to help me setup a test server. add me on email : [email protected] or skype : yoshua.urioste i looked at the tutorials but have many doubts and amk very confused. REPP ++ and my services whenever needed (spriting)
  2. Reasembled

    Windows rjlb.dll

    hey so today i was in my computer and then it suddenlly turned off, i tried to get back on but when i did i could not open anything, it says im missin a file called rjlb.dll if someone could help me id appreciate it :s im talking from my sisters computer.
  3. Reasembled

    Contest : VOTING !

    1.)Beo 2.)Ghostx 3.)Sharp 4.)Sherice 5.)Hiperkerma :p go vote :D
  4. Reasembled

    Armor Contest : Sign-up [OPEN]

    Armor Contest Rules - As always, dont flame, troll, double post or any of that - you can only enter ONE sprite into the contest - your sprite must be submited by April 13 (O.O) - and ofc dont post anything that isnt yours Apllicatants Piece 1.)Ghostx...
  5. Reasembled

    [USA] Gilbert OT [8.6]

    Hello, and welcome to Gilbert OT Info Gilbert OT is a Evo type ot, although it is not the highest exp, the ot bases in teleports. the ot is based in most of all its scripts. Untill we can get the site online properly u will have to use accout manager To make an account enter the following...
  6. Reasembled

    Complaint F""""ing bots

    i see about like 1000000000000000000000000000000000 ppl posting like this weird ass icon with a link guiding to what i supose is a bot and it gets REALLY annoying, can someone take action against these links or ppl ?
  7. Reasembled


    Buying A RL Tibia Character hello so let me explain a bit more of what im looking for : -i am looking for people selling a char withing a range of 0-40$ -i dont want a non skilled char -i look for people that can be proven trustworthy -i do not want a char in a non pvp server if items or...
  8. Reasembled

    Gaming forgottenl.hopto.org Screenshots !

    Hello And welcome to forgottenl.hopto.org's Life Thread :D ! From now on be sure to post your screenshots taken while playing http://forgottenl.hopto.org :D ! Info About The OT ! Ip : http://forgottenl.hopto.org Port : 7171 Version : 8.7 This thread will later be updated for more detail
  9. Reasembled

    Amera :D Anybody ?

    looking for some ppl to play with me ^^ MSG Me in game : Reasembled :D if ur interested post ur name dow in my pants VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  10. Reasembled

    FREE Youtube Views !

    alright, so here it goes, this program basically bumps your videos views. link: Youtube Viewer.rar
  11. Reasembled

    Gaming Reasembled's Chars

    ;p this might sound surprising to you but i didnt start on tibia. i started on ots, i tried tibia once and failed terribly, but now im gunna go super didicated, this is my first day lvling some screens : as you can see i alredy got a noob hunting me :D anyway my friend is gunna hardcore...
  12. Reasembled

    Inspiration Thread

    If you have any images or things that will inspire sprites post em here, this will hopefully help -get more spriters on otland -get rep -help people develop their skills. Rules 1. Do make sure u use it not your post will most likely be ignored or make it rlly hard for someon to see 2. As...
  13. Reasembled

    Happy B-day Leftwing :P !!!!

    Happy B-day :D
  14. Reasembled

    Web Desingning

    Anyone Got Some Web Desingning tutorials or programs ? Rep ++
  15. Reasembled

    Avatar Request

    hey as the titles states i want an avatar. theme ? creatures, kind of like misterious any words ? just Reasembled anywhere around there size ? any :P aslong as well, it fits xD Rep ++
  16. Reasembled

    Gamemaster Reasembled's Application

    My Real Name Is Yoshua Urioste And Im From The USA (Washington), Im 13 Years Old And Have Played Tibia For 7 Years Now. I Have Worked In Many Projects As A Team Member, Some Of Them Were Forgottenl.se, Unknow Project, Forgotten-hell.com, Paredise.hopto.org And Many More (Not That They Arent...
  17. Reasembled

    Selling Characters In spiderserver.no-ip.org (Paypal)

    Hey ! I Don't Play SPIDER OT Any More So I Decided To Sell It Info I Sell : 153,000 Druid 309,000 Paladin Some Info: - They Are Both In Different Accs So You Dont Have To Buy Both - They Come With A Cople Items You'll See In The SS ScreenShots : Contact Info : MSN ...
  18. Reasembled

    Selling Sprites [Reasembled]

    Hey, I'm Currently Trying To Get Some Money For Some Personal Reasons So I'm Trying To Make Money However I Can ^^ So I Can Sprite Bassically Anything ! ^^ These Are The Prices 5 Sprites For 3 Euros 10 Sprites For 5 Euros 15 Sprites For 7 Euros Some Samples : Contact Me In ...
  19. Reasembled

    Signature Request :d

    hey im making a request for a signature has to be about ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  20. Reasembled

    Reasembled's Mapping Thread

    My Most Reasent Mapping :