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  1. Jknot

    BlackD not working?

    anyone else having a problem downloading blackd links onthe website? im looking for blackd guardian and blackd light they are listed on the site but i get a 404 when i click the link
  2. Jknot

    Can Anyone Help With Broken Fields?

    so i've been trying to fix this for 3 days now and i have searched otland and found alot but nothing so far has been able to help me. none of my magic fields will dissapear i have check and im not using the static one's i also have added the decay to in items xml like this <item id="1492"...
  3. Jknot

    Lua Stop Training Monks Moving

    hi guys running 0.3.6 crying damson v8 2 as the title says im having problems making my monks stay still things i have tried setting training monks speed to (0) and also (-1) are there any other things i could try?
  4. Jknot

    Windows Znote Website cant create characters

    i can make my accounts just fine but when i try to create a character i get this does anyone know how i can fix it?
  5. Jknot

    AAC Geisor acc problems on install

    Check server configuration Error occured! Error ID: More info: ERROR: #C-1 : Class::ConfigLUA - Line 24 of LUA config file is not valid [key: paralyzeSlow] File: C:\Users\hundr\Desktop\UniServer\www\classes/configlua.php Line: 59 File...
  6. Jknot

    Windows Uniform Serverz problems

    so about 2 months ago i set it all up using the tutorial of Setting up your own OT server and website from scratch and everything worked fine then i left because of work for 2 months and i come back and i get errors on uniform servz the errors only happen when i try to use view www...
  7. Jknot

    RME wont show my map

    rme wont show my actual map but it shows it in the mini map also if i hover over the black screen i can see the items and id's on the bottem but it's all black any ideas what the problem might be and how i can fix this been stuck on this for a while now any help would be appreciated also i have...
  8. Jknot

    cant figure out the functions and labels for otclient bot

    as the title says i can't figure out how to make functions and labels work with the otclient bot i am trying to make a refiller and check supplies script and i just for some reason cant get it. any examples or any thing in the right direction would be a help
  9. Jknot

    Just getting back after 12 years and need some help

    Hi guys been out of the loop for a while now i had a custom ot i was working on and now seem to be lost in it all again lol last i had it was to 9.10 i was wondering how hard it would be to upgrade it to 10.0 and what all i would need to do as i said im really rusty but things are coming back...
  10. Jknot

    Lua Exp Problem

    Hi guys it's me again i was trying to add this system to my server https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-slot-system.206697/ and somehow managed to blunder it pretty bad now my server wont let me use exp adjustmets everything is standard exp i can't use stages or regular multipliers im using tfs...
  11. Jknot

    Windows How do i find Unique id's for tfs 1.1 and how do i set them

    How do i find Unique id's for tfs 1.1 and how do i set them if anyone could help me out wiht this i would really be greatfull i want to be able to use this and im kind of lost https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-reward-chest.230332/#post-2220470 any help would be very appreciated im runing tfs 1.1
  12. Jknot

    Solved Can't Change First Items

    no matter what i change i can't edit my first items im using tfs 1.1 and znote acc i have tried the following links but they turn up no results when applied https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-0-firstitems.214343/ and...
  13. Jknot

    Npc Lua Problem

    HI im having a problem with a npc im trying to use his lua is failing on this line can anyone help? also im using TFS 1.1 this is the section of code where the error occures function onThink() local messages = { "BUY YOUR PET HERE!", "WANT TO REVIVE YOUR PET?"...
  14. Jknot

    Solved Going down Any hole/level on map crash

    each time i go down a hole or a ladder my client is crashing i have to wait till i log out from dissconnection timer then i can log in and be in the spot :/ anyone have any ideas what this could be? tfs1.1 10.76
  15. Jknot

    Lua How can i Update my Event Directory

    Just as the title say i need to know how to update my event directory my server wont gain exp skill or any other atribute i can't change my exp rate
  16. Jknot

    Solved Znote Acc Maker wont load Empty sql in myphp admin

    hi can anyone help me i followznote tutorial video exactly as he says when i get the the part of copy paste from the local host webpage myphpadmin wont let it stay in mysql and it reports 0 rows affected this is at 21 minutes into znotes account installer tutorial can anyone please help me ge...
  17. Jknot

    Solved Service Port Error

    can anyone help me at all with this problem or does anyone know whats could be the problem?
  18. Jknot

    2.11pl2 no system.lua

    Guy 2.11pl2 does not have a system.lua file so how am i supposed to add new action id's and unique id's to it anyone know?:o Thanks in Advance Best Regards Jknot
  19. Jknot

    Windows dp is not saving items

    so guys im running TFS 2.11.pl2 client 9.10 and when anyone adds items to the dp box it is there as long as the server is online but if i shut it down or even when i save players it still looses the items anyone have any idea what is going on?
  20. Jknot

    Monster healing showing through floor

    does anyone know a way to stop monster healing text from showing up on screen when they are -1 levels under <_< im running TFS 0.2.11pl2 9.10 client any help would be very much appreciated thanks in advance guys