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    OTClient Set border to m_outfit / Change Creature to use 4 sqm ?

    Its possible to make an colored border in m_outfit ? how i can do it ? And is possible to make one creature use 4 sqm ? To prevent one from getting inside the other?
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    Discussion about uploading the map directly to the client

    Sometimes I have some absurd ideas and keep thinking about their viability, And one of my ideas recently would be to leave the map processing to the client as some 3D games do. I think that this may be advantageous to save resources on the server and to be able to support more players, and I...
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    OTClient Could someone well experienced in the programming area help me with an analysis?

    Is it possible to load a MODULE into a customer via OTCliente's memory? Imagine you have a server with an edited OTCliente, and all "limited", would it be possible to enter its memory and insert the data of a Module Terminal for example?
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    TFS 1.X+ Spell Animated

    I made a little magic system that works by updating the player's outfit ... but I would like suggestions on how I can improve my code SpellConfig = { delay = 150, animation = { [1] = { lookType = 1204, damaged = false, }, [2] = {...
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    TFS 1.X+ Animated Sprites

    Good morning dear forum friends! Actually I'm trying to create a complex system, and I would like to hear your opinions to know the best way to get this system working without any bug.. The base idea is "animated spell system", when a player or a monster cast a spell, it does make an animated...
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    C++ Crash when reloading creaturescripts

    I'm trying to pass an "NetworkMessage" in creaturescripts, everything works perfect, but when I try to reaload the creaturescripts the server goes down Follow the code snippet I added void CreatureEvent::executeOpcode(Player* player, uint8_t recvbyte, NetworkMessage& msg) {...