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  1. murphy

    [Canada] [10.90 / Custom] - Real-Age [15.09, 11:00] Event WAR Hotkey-OFF!

    [Launch date]: [15.09, 11:00 CET] [Website]: www.real-age.online World: Mystic Age [Fansites]: Discord [World configuration]: -Datacenter CANADA, OVH, -RPG Medium-rate 10.90 Realmap server,+custom map with 40 towns -World type: PVP Events HOTKEYOFF WITH 7.4 PVP -Custom Client, [Experience...
  2. murphy

    Solved Gesior acc Guild with ID 0 doesn't exist. when creating guild

    i help you , wait , i create one db with same error to solve 1630086261 1630087839 #1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'owneridSS' at row 1 1630089248 solved code 1630089332
  3. murphy

    Astheria OT - Mapping Showoff

    one suggest to take scrren make one player not good vision of monsters in game master screen
  4. murphy

    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Ecstasy! [New hight-rate world starting 1th of July, Thursday 18:00 CEST]

    thanks i enjoy Bruxao Bk#0306 Join the FullzArka Atack - GUILD 7.4 OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/37whWb3H)
  5. murphy

    [US] [7.4] Imperianic - VOIP - ANDROID - $1000 USD WAR REWARD [04/07/2021, Sunday, 21:00 UTC]

    Thanks , my team to imperianic Join the FullzArka Atack - GUILD 7.4 OTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/37whWb3H) Bruxao Bk#0306
  6. murphy

    Is otservlist still the place to look for servers?

    and who supports my 7.4 project? ? community and br community
  7. murphy

    🐲 OTC StoneDrake UI by Shiva - [Free Release]

    Loved it =d nice work
  8. murphy

    [OTC] theme

  9. murphy

    (OTClient) NPC does not buy or sell.

    change lib ../npcs scripts , find other in other tfs
  10. murphy

    Magic Plate Legs :D

    nice , have programs to change items , in 7.4 serv?
  11. murphy

    [12.61] Shop Center

  12. murphy

    [12x] - OTG BR-Global

    thanks bro
  13. murphy

    [8.6/12X] [TFS1.3] Global + Source + Web + tools + Quest Reward System

    tem que ser corrigido sistema de npcs por exemplo tu vai compra outras magias que tenha luz no nome ele so manda utevo lux alguns outros bugs achei depois posto tudo tmj obr pelo projeto
  14. murphy

    RL Pictures

  15. murphy

    [8.71] Methemia-Global (Custom)

  16. murphy

    [7.6] Avesta

    vamo abri um junto manda pm ai