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  1. Theofar

    Mapper looking for 7.4/7.72 mapper

    looking for 7.4/7.72 mapper it's nostalrius engine, doesnt use items.otb, so you cannot convert otbm maps to my engine know member on otland with a lot of negotiations payment after see finished map with prints or something like that private me
  2. Theofar

    Trapownia RL 7.4 Coming Soon!

    hello, are you intrested on selling 74 maps?
  3. Theofar

    Old School 7.4 Mapping Showoff

    awesome job, fully recommended
  4. Theofar

    Mapper Looking for mapper 772 (nostalrius RME) and spriter for oldschool addons

    Hello, i'm looking for mapper 772 using nostalrius RME engine (IT'S A DIFFERENT ENGINE, YOU CANNOT SIMPLE COPY YOUR MAPS THERE) Looking also for oldschool addons for buy, addons for old outfits, new outfits too (NOT ONLY SPRITES, FULL OBJECTBUILDER FILE) I'm a trusted buyer of OTland, can give...
  5. Theofar

    Mapper Maps of order.

    I'll not lose my time here, for who wants I can give some prints from Discord negociation and payment done. I'm a trusted buyer, did a lot of negociations with some know members here, so, if you don't wanna problem, avoid this guy.
  6. Theofar

    Mapper Maps of order.

    I've paid 30 USD for @adasiik for a 2 MB map. Once I paid, he didn't answer me Discord anymore, for a week. Take care with him everybody.
  7. Theofar

    Programmer Looking for TFS 1.2 developer C++/Lua

    Hello, Looking for C++ developer Looking for Lua TFS 1.2 developer Paid jobs, I have refers from others business on OTland PM
  8. Theofar

    Programmer OTClient Walk Optimization for 772

    I made it better: walk - Streamable ( @Togu thank you anyway, seens that the character stop walking for a while (low ping, like 50ms) I don't know if it's walk issue, dash issue or something else It only happens with low speed, full speed like GM is perfect
  9. Theofar


    Hahahahahahaha, ridiculous
  10. Theofar

    Programmer OTClient Walk Optimization for 772

    sent you a PM
  11. Theofar

    Programmer OTClient Walk Optimization for 772

    Hello, i'm looking for devel to optimize otclient walk on 772. I know that are some pull requests getting OTC smoothie, but it doesn't work for old walk protocols. Payment by BTC or paypal, I don't care. Have some reffers from OTLand that Ive made business. PM ME
  12. Theofar

    Mapper Looking for 7.72 mapper

    Hello, I'm looking for 7.72 mapper (nostalrius). Payment by paypal or bitcoin.
  13. Theofar

    Nostalrius 7.7

    I had the same problem with Alejandro Mujica, he sold me this fucking bugged files, with a lot of mistakes on the code, and when I contacted him, he said a lot of shit and laziness to fix everything. The problem that I got stuck that time, because if I've sent his files to another programmers...
  14. Theofar

    [USA][7.4/7.72] Realistic RealOTS FREE [Thursday, 12/13/2018]

    Of course yes, but it's downgraded to 7.4 functions/maps and they have a partner with a software similar that is used by tibia global to avoid DDoS packages. So, all south american 7.4/772 servers are vulnerable to DDoS, but this one, not.
  15. Theofar

    [USA][7.4/7.72] Realistic RealOTS FREE [Thursday, 12/13/2018]

    This Acko video is the best! :)
  16. Theofar

    Webdesigner Looking for ZNOTE character acution system

    Looking for ZNOTE buy and sell char script -> PAID