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    Tibia 7.6 Crash addByte MagicLevel

    Use ProtocolGame::AddPlayerStats for ml update.
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    Azleh/Shaqz is a scammer!

    @Ezzz Like I said I reminded you several times over a couple weeks long period after which I started losing interest. You can keep the original $5, but I'd like the bonus $10 back asap. I take BTC: 1FiU9MJ8L92CyxHMBAh7wzXcq1dQai7vrh LTC: Lav5MuCsnXeqEJw5qKDrCf3Hf7N7tVmh7J Or paypal, message me...
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    Azleh/Shaqz is a scammer!

    Hi Ezzz. We've only communicated through PMs so you should be able to find the whole conversation here. The conversation title is "Job" and the first and last messages was sent in June of 2017. There are 2 1/2 pages or 50 messages total, which is a lot of screenshots to take, so I think it would...
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    Azleh/Shaqz is a scammer!

    And where would you draw the line between what is a scam and what's not? For example I personally made a deal with Ezzz about a couple of years ago for 5 or so easily found memory addresses for Realots for $5 which he agreed to and sent me the same day. I paid him $15 anyways just to be...
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    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    In all truth there are no real and substantial rules on here that staff themselves take seriously other than obeying/kissing staff on both cheeks every day, so nvm reason or what their supposedly official rules say in a discussion like this. This is even partially stated in their so-called...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    It sounds like what tarantonio was asking for is a table of the original tibia sprites with actual intentional sprite replacement ids. Like he said at the end "more easy to work on new ones", i.e. he wants to know what sprites are actually officially replaced as far as I can tell. I just...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I agree with you, there should be a table like that. Unfortunately not only will Peonso likely never create a table like that, he doesn't actually want to even try to replace Tibia's original sprites according to his own post just a few months ago, found on the previous page. Quote: Not only...
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    Programmer Looking for (ot)client devs for hire or collab/service exchanges

    Looking for developers interested in working with me on otclient/opentibiaunity or other open tibia client development on tasks ordered here from most to least important: general internal documentation, bug fixes, new systems, others (optimizations etc). Hire or collab. Also looking for...
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    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    What's up @Keviino. Nah, I haven't really worked on this at all since last year. I lost most interest in this project because it's just too much tedious work for almost no love. I've also realized that a lot of players actually either has no idea how authentic real tibia was even like, or...
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    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    Hmm, the rules are not actually that clear here, but I see I also confused myself here at one point by reading the wrong Rules thread. Your rules states as kind of a footnote to the Spam classification: Within 24 hours from what exactly? There is no clarification in your rules thread, and at...
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    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    Hmm.... Ok. Appreciate the info/link. I appreciate you looking into this and for being honest about the warning message being generic and nondescript, but wait, 1) Since when did bumping a thread become illegal and count as spam? Doesn't the rules say something like: bumping a thread more than...
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    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    Ok, but I'd be able to change the thread up to my likings and possibly continue using the same thread if I'm not allowed to delete my own thread. But I also did just quote you saying in this very thread Now you're saying you generally don't allow thread deletions on request. So I suppose what...
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    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    Weird. I just tried to delete my 8 months old 2 page small thread, got my report rejected with the comment "Closed thread, wont delete it.", which is mighty unhelpful when you're trying to re-create the thread without all the old baggage, but you're not even allowed to edit your own post...
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    Developments in Artificial Intelligence (technology news)

    AI (Google Deepmind) beats some of the world's top players in Starcraft II (January 2019) AI (OpenAI) beats world's top players in Dota 2 (April 13, 2019)...
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    Gnomeland 2019

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    OTServ in other programming languages.

    Wb @LooSik. How are you doing? Are you still working on Eloth or JavaOT or anything?
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    Gnomeland 2019

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    why was Vizjus banned?

    To be fair many time it's actually much less obvious, and you guys unfortunately often neglect to say what error or rule violation you actually believe a member has committed, even when the member politely asks about it, making it sometimes hard to learn. Personally I've asked moderators/admins...
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    [Italy] Zanera 7.70 - Snapshot of a Real Tibia Server (reset every 24h)

    @templariosarado There is this project by Ezzz if you're mainly interested in the old characters/accounts and houses, which should be very easy to host (double click exe file I believe). The gameplay/mechanics of his server is not real tibia, so it's not full Zanera at all, but it's supposed...