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  1. ralke

    Action Daily Quest (different reward every day)

    Hi, If someone can help me, how can i make player get teleported after receiving reward from quest? Im using the old version of the script (0.4), thanks in advance
  2. ralke

    Help me please, create client tibia 772

    try using Tibia Client Customizer if that version doesnt work search for the lastest version of that customizer, i did it that way 👍
  3. ralke

    ShadowCores Layout for Znote AAC

    I have a question with this layout, how can i change background color? Tried on layout/styles/basic.css line 4 but nothing happens ^^
  4. ralke


    @Amiroslo this tool is going to be back??
  5. ralke

    [Chile] [8.60] Greed Island OT

    We have new host! Now we're located on New York, Please give us feedback from your experiencie with our new hosting service. regards!! __ Update: Our players has been unhappy with new host cause it has too much lag for Chile, so we decided to keep our starting host
  6. ralke

    Some sort of pixel gallery

    that model looks very bad, this is better as reference regards!!
  7. ralke

    [Chile] [8.60] Greed Island OT

    thank you very much, we are currently looking for a new hosting service, for the moment we have seen kimsufi and legionhoster, but if anyone has any recommendation we would appreciate it! It is important that our new host allows the South American players to play in fair conditions, without a...
  8. ralke

    [Chile] [8.60] Greed Island OT

    Greed Island OT FAQ How can I buy potions anywhere? One of the important OT commands is !buy, you can use it to buy potions anywhere. Example: !buy ultimate health potion How can I collect the gold and the loot automatically? To collect the gold automatically you must use the command !autoloot...
  9. ralke

    [Chile] [8.60] Greed Island OT

    Server still online since 16/04/2019. Here you are, some screenshots of the city! Lastest Features: Autoloot fully working (!autoloot) Autoloot for money that sends cash to bank (!autoloot money) Some buffed spells (utito tempo, exevo mort hur, others) Fully scripted quests for Azerus...
  10. ralke

    TFS 0.X Items/weapons xml trouble

    solved!! ive just saw i was writing movevent event instead of movevent type rofl solution: <movevent type="Equip" itemid="12647" slot="shield" level="100" function="onEquipItem"> <vocation id="1" /> <vocation id="5" showInDescription="1" /> <vocation id="2" /> <vocation id="6"...
  11. ralke

    TFS 0.X Items/weapons xml trouble

    working, thanks a lot!! edit: it has a trouble, when i take off equipment the skill dont reduce how can i solve this? thanks in advance
  12. ralke

    TFS 0.X Items/weapons xml trouble

    Hi again, i have this issue when adding zaoan items to items.xml (to fix the wrong ids). For example, here I have snake god's wrisguard: <item id="12647" article="a" name="snake god's wristguard"> <attribute key="description" value="It shows your spells and can also shield against attacks when...
  13. ralke

    when tibia will have sound?

    i wonder why this haven't been done yet o_O will happen some day?
  14. ralke

    [Chile] [8.60] Greed Island OT

    Greed Island, family server dedicated to its players. Updated quests, custom maps, bosses, enjoy our unique systems! We will wait for you. What systems will you find on this server? Contains the autoloot system (!autoloot) to facilitate the game experience, the task system (Grizzly Adams) for...
  15. ralke

    [Znote AAC] Quest Information

    how i can set more that one storage in one quest? example annihilator, that needs 49111, 49112, 49113, 49114 storages ^^ anyways thanks for this, its working perfectly!!
  16. ralke

    Looking for cheap dedicated servers

    first of all thanks for all your answers, i learned a lot from it!! at the moment i know that cloudflare free service is a common choice to avoid ddos attacks without spending money, how good is it? it is possible to use for otservers? as i know cloudflare doesn't support ports 7171 / 7172 but...
  17. ralke

    Looking for cheap dedicated servers

    this might be a noob question but i need to learn whats the difference between a dedicated server, advance server, vps cloud, vps ram, etc? and which one is the best option to get in different cases. thanks in advance!!
  18. ralke

    [Mod] Auto Loot

    when u pick up gold it goes to your bank sorry for reviving this old post but i tested this system and having this error, please help! solved at the moment! i saw you had to replace function onDeath for onKill line 173 <event type="kill" name="LootEventKIll" event="script"><![CDATA[...
  19. ralke

    CreatureEvent [CreatureEvent/Npc] Killing in the name of...

    sorry i didnt read well, this will fix it
  20. ralke

    CreatureEvent [CreatureEvent/Npc] Killing in the name of...

    hi everyone, can someone help me with this? this error appears on console when i start a task after talking to npc, its working but errors produce lag o_O my npc script with Gesior fix requested by Activity: local THESNAPPER_POSITION = {x = 100, y = 100, z = 7} local HIDE_POSITION = {x =...