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  1. Gut

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    Your vocations look really cool! I will have to try this out :D
  2. Gut

    What to do?!

  3. Gut

    What to do?!

    Hey all, Someone added my server on OTServlist without my permission. My server is not setup to follow the rules on OTServlist so I would like it removed before it is banned :). Server ip: Thanks, Gut
  4. Gut

    when tibia will have sound?

    One of my favorite parts of Tibia is the lack of sound :) I hope sound is never added!
  5. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    Are you part of the Collapser facebook group?
  6. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    The server goes live tomorrow!
  7. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    We all know the Nazis were evil :)
  8. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    Data files have not been released, I am hosting the game again but invite only as stated above. Still not planning on ever releasing the game files though.
  9. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    Sorry I am only providing the map to everyone! Everyone has to do the rest on their own :).
  10. Gut

    [8.4] Collapser Zulu - FULL OFFICIAL MAP

    Hello to everybody at OTLand and to all of you Collapser fans out there! Tibia Ver: 8.4 I am not going to go deep into description of the map as the people who will probably be downloading this are people who want to start their own Collapser server spinoff. As the owner of Collapser Zulu (now...
  11. Gut

    Collapser Zulu "2.0"

    This thread is here to redirect any inquiries about the Collapser Zulu 2.0 project and also to serve as a placeholder for the project. At this time, please direct all questions to the project's own forum as I don't frequently visit OTLand. If you don't know what Collapser Zulu (2.0) is, don't...
  12. Gut

    The Collapser Zulu Resurrection Project (ON HOLD)

    Yeah, I decided just recently to reboot Zulu. It won't be the "original", but instead an improved version. There is not much public information available at the moment, but when I will make an OTLand post when I feel the time is right.
  13. Gut

    The Collapser Zulu Resurrection Project (ON HOLD)

    There seem to be two "Collapser Resurrection Projects" going on at the same time. There is this one here, by DestinationSer... ...and... There is one going by the name of Collapser Echo. I am not involved in either of these two projects (I am involved in no tibia related stuff now). What I...
  14. Gut

    Collapser zulu

    Collapser won't be up again... R.I.P
  15. Gut

    Mapper [Collapser OT] Seeking 1 Experienced Mapper!

    Collapser OT IP: Port: 7171 Web: Ver: 8.42 I am looking for a VERY experienced / high skill mapper for a project that I am working on. This is a one time job. Some basic details of the project: Map size would be approx 300sqm X 300sqm Y Variable...
  16. Gut

    (VOTE) Which internet browser best!

    Chrome. It's very sleek. I used to like Firefox, but its going in the opposite direction from where i'd like it to go.
  17. Gut

    Which computer software do you prefer? (VOTE)

    I am more of a GNU fan. It can be used with both Windows and (L)unix which is something I definitely (and need). I like being able to write servers and client applications in GNU C++ and then easily transferring them over to another platform (windows).
  18. Gut

    [USA] Collapser Foxtrot -- RL Tibia Map 8.7

    As far as I am aware, I am in compliance with all of the requirements.
  19. Gut

    [USA] Collapser Foxtrot -- RL Tibia Map 8.7

    Client Version: 8.70 / 8.71 IP: Port: 7173 ~Rates~ 3x Exp 3x Skill 3x Magic 1x Loot 3x Regen (of normal tibia) ~Map~ Real Tibia Map w/ Zao ~Quests~ Demon Helmet Annihilator POI Inquisition ...and others We have mounts. If you are going to play, I recommend you sign up...
  20. Gut

    Weird Lag Issue w/ Debian Lenny

    What hardware are you using?