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  1. Peonso

    Lua Function doShowTextDialog OTHire

    It should work
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    [7.72] OTHire 0.0.3

    What you mean by 7.7 map? 7.7 is not a valid protocol for otserv map.
  3. Peonso

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    It's not about convince bystanders that I'm right. It's about defending myself from lies about me. In his narrative he is sort of the solo internet white knight, fighting alone the evil forces in OtLand, and I'm one of the vilains, I'm "manipulative", I "backstabbed" him, I "screw over...
  4. Peonso

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    No one is tying your hands. Check this script OpenTibia - Converting Tibia maps to OpenTibia Sprite Pack ( But as I already informed the delusional guy, it won't matter at all. You are assuming that people that...
  5. Peonso

    Zincolobia OTServer

    Community never know what people should do.
  6. Peonso

    Suggestion Abolish post editing restriction

    10/10 best conspirational fanfic I ever read in OtLand. It actually beat Ezzz releasing Nostalrius by being threatened by the mafia. Now some other random users will come state the obvious (I mean, my horde of friends will come to troll), and Wibbenz and Don will keep their shady schemes to make...
  7. Peonso

    Nostalrius 7.7

    If something gets in the path the monster would change target, you might get wrong results with some weird interaction with GM. Also would you mind kite the dragon with a player? You can tweak damage numbers.
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    Nostalrius 7.7
  9. Peonso

    Nostalrius 7.7

    They are rolled separetedely, it's easy to spot in Warlock hunt cams 2 or 3 spells combo.
  10. Peonso

    Nostalrius 7.7

    I got those values after dozen hours of tests on real tibia live servers (from @e.e and @Kungenn). e.e even helped setup custom monsters with 100 cast chance. Also some annihilator tibia cams helped to figure out weird stuff (like how monsters spam spells when traped at not ideal range, as...
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    [Opinions] Tibia like project but something different

    The amount of time the entire community put on the projects surpass default human being lifespan, so it's actually not possible. The amount of iterations and hours of testing may not be reproduceable.
  12. Peonso

    [Opinions] Tibia like project but something different

    I'm working on my hobby project using TFS, OTClient and OpenTibia Sprite Pack. Even if I had the knowledge I think I would prefer to do it using pre-existent tested stuff with know issues than going through all the hassle of building everything from zero.
  13. Peonso

    What makes Tibia special over other games?

    It runs in potato pcs. It's online since 1997, probably the first MMORPG for a lot of gamers in their 30's. It priveleged chat a lot, chat is big in the screen, default keyboard input is to chat and not to play.
  14. Peonso

    7.6 in a 10.98 client - how much would it cost?

    Made something like that for [France][7.4 Custom] Celestia Realm - CLOSED ( 10.41 though
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    Who is Codex NG?

  16. Peonso

    Keeping up the motivation

    I have given up into forcing me to do hobby related stuff. What I do, that usually work, is to keep good documentation and everything organized so I get back on track once I'm motivated again. Split things into smaller tasks also helps, because you need to end things to please your brain. Also...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I'm nearby sure Unity Store license only alows you to use those assets into unity projects and it won't allow you to redistribute the files that way.
  18. Peonso

    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    You have to decide. Check for me please, hydra egg client id and server id. After you see they don't match, read again everything you wrote here. Enjoy.
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    You can do that in a forum thread or a markdown file with links to original repositories. Something along this lines OpenTibia Custom (
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    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    I'm confused, how is that related with anything? I can't prove you wrong, but I never said I didn't asked you for help either. I asked your help and you gave me valuable help, as others did for me, as I did for others, is that so huge of a deal? Big thanks. Also, I gave you advice here, but...