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  1. Okke

    Linux Compilation
  2. Okke

    OTClient Transparent panel and full screen?

    By sending more tiles from TFS side.
  3. Okke

    Nostalrius 7.7

    @Rexxar The dude has no programming experience at all, there's no possible way he'd create an app and spread stuff around a whole country & be a tibian player at the same time, this is just balls. Read the article, a mafia is being quoted, I didn't know tibian players belonged to mafias.
  4. Okke

    Nostalrius 7.7

  5. Okke

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Hello there, to clarify the situation for once: I never hacked you, you sell your shit to tons of people, people come and ask me for help, in trade I got the files, I never even had contact to you, ever, I tried messaging you once after you set your current signature to make things clear to you...
  6. Okke

    OpenTibia Discord Server

    No need to! We're good pal!
  7. Okke

    OpenTibia Discord Server

    Hey Amiroslo, I cannot remember about having mentioned you in any post regarding this, also I have neither criticized you nor your server, I have nothing against you or the discord server you own. The person meant in the picture is Nekiro, I therefore invite you and all the other involved on...
  8. Okke

    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    Imagine a home page without having the forum as the main container, therefore you'd have some article to read (which could be picked from the forum and then placed there as sort of "hot topic" or "good read"), maybe ongoing polls, events and whatsoever and not just the naked forum "as is". I...
  9. Okke

    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    Anything is better than the current one we have. (Not really because of the design, it's more for the reason that it's not dark and hurts mine and probably 90% of the rest's eyes) I'm not aware of any obvious reasons, I'd really like to read something about it as the main posts contains no...
  10. Okke

    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    @Don Daniello UI.X 2 Dark ( < That should do for us. If you're able to edit the CSS of this mess, please fix paddings / margin here: Somehow the relations between top/bottom and left/right are ugly. Also this feels totally weird with...
  11. Okke

    OpenTibia MyOTClient [with LINK]

    Hello Amiroslo, I would rather change the name of this thread perhaps the name of this "service" in general due to following reason: The name MyOTClient in general leads people to think about the real OTClient, which is already an existing project and pretty "mature", you can find it here if...
  12. Okke

    Programmer OTC I pay well.

    Hello Fiapo, what about you describing what you want to have done? Would save a lot of time, heh. Best Wishes, Okke
  13. Okke

    Programmer [3 usd] DirectX working OTC build.

    Just PM me on discord, I crafted the libs for MSVC and placed them on Github. No need to spend money on something that's free to use.
  14. Okke


    This is a sad and damned black day for most probably each one of us in this place, the little bit of happiness left in this news is that you did so much that you could never be forgotten, even with time. Thank you for awesome years of help, you queer.
  15. Okke

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Hello Tampik, I would like to answer this post of yours with some information that might be helpful on your critics, or at least before you re-do 'em. I'm not the owner of the server, therefore I have no access to any files which leads me to not be able to fix anything. I'm in for the...
  16. Okke

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Can't really do much if you haven't read the server rules before you joined. Check out rule 3.a and 3.b, I by no means have anything against you personally or have given you any reason for being treated like so. Too bad you had to spread your wings and try to create a shitstorm on this mere...
  17. Okke

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Hello There Cukierasek, as a lot of people know I've been around Classicus as a gamemaster for some years now, I don't do it for money I just do it for the community. You've been cursing at me for apparently no reason, I normally don't really care and I don't feel like wasting more time than...
  18. Okke

    differences between 8.40 and 8.54?

    Hello, I'll let you know something really useful, it's called search engine! You can find it here: DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified. Now I had all the work to search for you what the differences between those two versions are, I'll leave the link of the source so you can at least read it...