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  1. Apollos

    Packaging OTClient

    I second enigma, it works great. But its not hard to reverse it and get a hold of the files.
  2. Apollos

    Team ISO Co-Developer

    Still looking for someone. PM me.
  3. Apollos

    Team ISO Co-Developer

    Sorry, didn't see this until now. I plan for it to be EU based 8.6 mid-rate classic RPG server. No custom OTC or sprites as I only really want to use base assets so the server is easily accessible to everyone. Plus adding extra sprites and getting into OTC just opens up a big can of worms that...
  4. Apollos

    Team ISO Co-Developer

    Getting back into the project, still searching for someone to co-develop, mainly mapping and quest creation. Hmu if you're interested.
  5. Apollos

    What type of car do you drive?

    The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles...
  6. Apollos

    Lua Cannot use this item, but still runs code?

    There's no return true at the bottom either so it could be just making it to the bottom of the script and returning nil.
  7. Apollos

    Team ISO Co-Developer

    Still searching for someone who is willing to join in on an 8.6 evolutions based server that's almost 50% done. Need help mainly with mapping and quest development at this point.
  8. Apollos

    Team ISO Co-Developer

    Taking a break from my larger project and working on a smaller evolution based server just to have some fun and enjoy having a server online again. Server runs on Nekiro's 8.6 TFS and is likely going to use a custom client (undecided) and I plan for it to be an EU based server. I have done a...
  9. Apollos

    Lua Groundshaker with bleeding condition

    You're initializing the condition but you're not adding any parameters nor are you assigning it to the combat. Look at how this works for reference: local condition = Condition(CONDITION_BLEEDING) condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_DELAYED, 1) condition:addDamage(10, 2000, -1)...
  10. Apollos

    (HELP)Problem with temple position

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "accounts are created correctly on my website"? What is the question then? If it's just sending you to the wrong temple position, I don't see an issue with the code, your config.php available towns is setup the right way. Are you sure you doubled checked...
  11. Apollos

    Lua Create monster two times

    Do you have the script registered twice in globalevents.xml? If so you should only have it registered once, that may be one of your problems. Regarding the error, I forgot to add a return true to the end of the function. Before the very last end in the script put in a return true.
  12. Apollos

    Lua Create monster two times

    You can try this one: local raids = { ['Saturday'] = { ['22:28'] = {raidName = 'The Horned Fox', position = Position(2163, 2362, 6)} } } function onThink(interval, lastExecution, thinkInterval) local day = os.date('%A') if raids[day] then local time =...
  13. Apollos

    Lua All players that do damage gain storage (Function onKill)

    I guess you could write it yourself using onHealthChange function but I wouldn't advise it. I would suggest finding the commit for getDamageMap within TFS and try to add this commit to your OTX distro.
  14. Apollos

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    ~ Valor Online ~ Amazon Camp Swamp Town Northwatch
  15. Apollos

    Mapper Mapper Needed – Valor Online

    Searching for an experienced and dedicated mapper to join our team. We would love to bring in a team member that plans to stick with the project long term. Everyone is busy with real life things but as a team we stick together and try our best to continue to deliver content whenever the free...
  16. Apollos

    Team Valor Online Searching for New Staff

    Brought in one mapper but looking for another and also still searching for a lore creator.
  17. Apollos

    Team Valor Online Searching for New Staff

    Still searching for positions.
  18. Apollos

    Team Valor Online Searching for New Staff

    Previous mapper is not currently available to work anymore. Searching for a new mapper mainly, something with experience. PM me for more information.
  19. Apollos

    Action [TFS 1.3] Advanced Annihilator System

    I don't think my choice of words for the title is in need for debate. In my mind it's advanced because it's much more customizable than other scripts, if you disagree that's fine but I can't nor will change it now. I don't see your point with the no logout part. If someone can't logout in the...
  20. Apollos

    Action [TFS 1.3] Advanced Annihilator System

    If you are using something other than TFS base release (ninjas 8.6 won't work), or you haven't used the latest script (check later pages in this thread for updates) then you likely will have problems. I've tested the latest update multiple times and I know it works.