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    manual playing? typs

    I don't play tibia since many years... last update and quest i play was poi, there's alot of content i haven't seen, i just am seeing in cam on shadowcores... i want to experience the actual tibia 10.41 version, i don't like to bot and i do not have a bot, if i bot i won't meet new friends/teams...
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    hi, i'm 24, from ibiza, spanish, i don't play much, i'm 170 ed and didn't play for long, but i don't play coz i don't have a team to play/do quests with so i'm searching for active friendly guild to do hunts/quests
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    let's play "dblots"

    well i'm 48 trunks this is a dragon ball PL server, not many english or spanish(my main language), so i'm hoping some want to play this great server again(i've played before like 4-5 years ago, and is still alive and going strong) so i'm just wondering if any1 wanna join to have some fun, doing...
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    (manual hunting) good place? 150+ed

    that is it, i've played manual to 155 ed, it was fun, at 150 the exp droped by alot, i don't know many tanks that play in my hour and i can trust so i need a place to hunt alone where i can get cash and some good exp, the thing is, everywere is crowed with botters, yea i know i don't care, but i...
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    custom server?

    i'm talking about CUSTOM vocs, map, monsters, etc. i don't want a 1 player server i like anime based ots also, but they are mainly br/pl and no global donors + huge vip advantages.... so i think there's none but maybe someone know a fun custom serv playable now? i don't care on the rates also...
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    7.92 map editor "This unique id is already in use"

    When i download rme i don't see a 7.92 option, when i try to configure it with 8.6(clean spr and dat) i get windows error "rme had to be stopped" found a random 7.92 but i'm trying to make a quest and i get "This unique id is already in use" help please
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    looking for some high exp server

    +50 on(Not counting afk's) get's little updated everywhile(too much?) no corrup staf, invincible donors(i think this is fail!) ty
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    (wodbo) Server stopped working?

    I cant' even open it, tryed many differen't wodbo's and all has the same error, what i have to do? screen please help edit: with the restarter i can find more error
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    From mass rl map's to mass "Custom" evo?

    Some month's ago the adversiting thread was spammed with rl map 24h 99% cipsoft and shit, now it stopped abit, and we see alot of "Super custom evo-servers" that claims to be original and diff from the others this is what i think all of you over donations or vip that exp faster, just...
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    can't get remere's working with my serv...

    I am trying to get remere's working with my custom server and everything is now working but when i save the file's from remere's then Lockers stop working.I put 10 gps in a locker and another person can take them..... also all lockers go empty