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    Different daily task for each player

    Save ladies and gentlemen! I have a script on my daily task server, it works normally. Only he gives the same task to ALL players on the server. There is a table with several monster options for the player to kill, he takes 2 random monsters inside that table and the player can choose one of...
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    Item cannot be used in cities

    Good morning people. I have a script on my server that is an item to summon monsters. When the player uses the item, it will summon 3 monsters around the player for him to kill those monsters. The problem is that the item can be summed up on the DP side and the monsters stay there and attack...
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    NPC talking to 1 player at a time

    Hail guys! I have a problem with my server, NPCs are only talking to 1 player at a time. If someone arrives and tries to talk to the NPC while someone else is already talking to him, the player who arrived later will join the queue. The NPC only talks to him after the other player who was...
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    Check number of VIP days when logging in

    Hello, gentlemen! I have a script that when the player buys a VIP on my server, his account will stay with that VIP for 30 days and he will get a storage (which will be used for several things, but it does not matter here). Well, the problem is that when the 30 days of VIP is over, the player...
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    distance skills bug

    The skills of my Pokémon have a bug that does not damage when I use them at a distance greater than 3 sqm. The remote skills I configure for the pokemon to be able to use at a distance of 6 sqm, for example. They use it, the animation of the magic goes out and goes towards the wild pokemons...
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    Lua RME bug

    I'm adding monsters to my RME normally, I save everything normally, right on the server and they are there the way they should be. BUT if I close RME and open ALL monsters again, they disappear. Even saving if I close RME when I open it again, the monsters are no longer there. No error...
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    Otclient bugged after compiling the SERVER sources

    I compiled the sources on my SERVER to add new systems. Replaces the executable and turn on the server, when I went to login with the client, it was like this. Does anyone know why? Do I have to do something with the client afterwards to compile the server sources? do I have to edit anything...
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    error compiling sources

    Good morning guys from Otland. So, I needed to work on my sources to add a new system on my server, but when compiling this it gives an error and I am not able to solve it. I searched here and in other forums but I didn't find anything like it, can someone help me? I'll leave a print with the...