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    Did anyone start on the new gameworld Pyra?
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    Looking for friends.

    Hello there, im trying to find some friends to chat with do quests maybe war some? im pretty lonely, please help :(
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    Let's post some fight video's

    Hello and welcome, you can all post here some fight video's #not to bloody. #has to be a fight now a conversation. #don't show it to your children. im starting of: Racist thugs start a fight and lose horribly - YouTube
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    Gaming BadBoy on Lordaeron!

    Hello, and welcome to my lifethread! I'll post screenshots from my advances and from other interresting things from my adventures on Lordaeron. U can join to: Arthas :: The ultimate revolution starting from lvl 56: looted a dragon shield :D Hope you enjoy it :)
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    So the other day, i was high as fuck walking from my house to the train-station. I walked by a mcdonalds went inside and i was like danm! im hungry as fuck right now, so i ordered 2 big mac menu's, waited for the food at the table but then suddently the hunger feeling was gone when a girl came...
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    New Zealand want's to raise the price of cigarettes!

    The cost of a packet of cigarettes in New Zealand could rise to as much as $100 dollars - around £50 - by 2020 amid moves to stamp out smoking. The Ministry of Health wants New Zealand to be smoke free by 2025 and the suggested increase gives the first hint of the drastic measures being...
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    Post lines of the lyrics u likez!

    Hello, #doesnt matter what song just the ones u like! i'l give you guys an example, i like this one: Not a pretty ***** but my moms think I'm handsome its from 50 Cent - Your Life's On The Line
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    Selling Sell amera character.

    So im selling my amera character lvl 35 ek: oh and the account also includes a lvl 33 mage if im right, if your interrested contact me on my msn: [email protected] 42 premium days left. also got a thread on otfans: Other: Sell amera character..