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    Exercise Weapons/Dummy TFS 1.X 8.6

    We tried adding exercise weapons with this code local dummies = {11257, 11264, 11245, 9934, 8707} local skillRate = 1*configManager.getNumber(configKeys.RATE_SKILL) local isTraining = 37 -- skillRate = 1.1*30 = 30 + 3 (10%) = 33x local function start_train(pid,start_pos,itemid,fpos) local...
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    2 tiles to remove stone issue

    Im trying to script a quest where 2 players have to stand on different tiles in order to remove a stone. I made it so if no player is on any tiles, there's a big crystal blocking the way. If 1 player stands on a tile, it transforms to a smaller one. When the 2nd player stands on the other tile...