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    RevScripts Loop effect on condition

    Hi guys, A while ago, @amatria create the script bellow for me, that when the player has mana shield a effect keep on loop. It works just as I needed, but now I want to put a loop on another condition, "condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_SKILL_SWORDPERCENT, 150)". I'm not sure how to do it...
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    Lua Help with Syntax problem in spell "player nil value"

    Hi, I'm trying to make this spells work, but I'm having problem with syntax. local time = 20 * 1000 -- 20 seconds local condition = Condition(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_STAT_MAXHITPOINTS, gainedHealth) condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_BUFF_SPELL, true)...
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    Lua How to make summon give speed, skill, mana regen and life regen, max life and max mana.

    TFS 1.3 Hello guys, I have a unusual request that I have no idea how to do it, neither if this is possible. I would like for summons to give attributes to the master. The attribute can be given by spell or any other possible way. As long as the summon is alive, the player can receive the...
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    Lua Ignore target and effect appear in front of player TFS 1.3

    Hello guys, I'm creating a animated spell, where effects appear in different sqm, in line, in diferent times. It is working fine when I got no target locked, it does appear the effect in order in front of the player, however, when I have a target, the effect starts to appear in the target. This...
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    Lua TSF 1.3 Summon deal damage base on player(summon master) skill and level

    Hello guys, I'm trying to make summons more interesting trying to make their damage vary according to player level and skill. So I've tried this out: spells/scripts/monster/summon_damage local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_FIREDAMAGE)...
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    Lua Spell that send a arrow to multiple targets TFS 1.3

    Hello, I would like a spells that the player send arrow shottype to up to 5 monsters in the screen. The player don't need to have arrow equiped. The damage can be a normal function onGetFormulaValues.
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    Lua Help with syntax

    Hi, I made a multiple hit spell with a single effect that check if player is using x item in right hand and y item in left hand, it works fine, however I'm getting a error on TFS. TFS 1.3 spell: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE)...
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    Lua Help with sendMagicEffect appearing on the player

    I have this spell, that is a summon bomb and it works perfectly. However, when I put sprites bigger than 32x32, I need to put offset (x,y) for the effect to appear where I want, but when I do this, the effect is appearing on the caster, instead of appearing where the summon died. What am I doing...
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    Lua TFS 1.3 Implement reputation system to this task script

    Hello, I would like to implement a reputation system to the script bellow. Everytime the player complete a task, he would get a amount of reputation (the amount will vary according to the task). The reputation will allow the player to enter specific places. When the player have 500 reputation...
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    Lua Spell seller npc with variation on cost

    Hello guys, I would like a script of a spell seller npc, with a variation no the price of the spell. The spells wont require lvl to be bought and can be bought in any order, however, each new spell bought increase the amount of cost of the next spell. Example: To buy first spell cost 1k To buy...
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    Lua Damage bonus on the 3 attack (spell) TSF 1.3

    Hello guys, I would like a normal spell (like exori con), that when the player cast it for the 3 time, it will deal 50% more damage. Everytime it is the 3 cast, the effect will be different.
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    Lua Summon bomb TFS 1.3 explodes when it dies

    Hello guys, I would like summon bomb spell I found some scripts here in the forum, but they don't work like I want. What I would like is: -Player summon a monster (lets use skeleton as example), summon will last for 30 seconds if it doesn't die. -If summon die or last for 30 seconds, it will...
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    Lua Script to "replace" source spell cooldown

    Hey guys, I would like a script that when you kill a monster with a specific weapon, you have a % of reducing spell cooldown by x seconds. But in order to do so, I would need a script to replace the source spell cooldown using table or storage value. However this is too complex for me to do...
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    Lua Help with syntax

    Hello guys, what am I doing wrong with this: if creatureDirection== DIRECTION_SOUTH then if playerWeapon and table.contains(weapons, playerWeapon:getId()) then if playerShield and table.contains(shields, playerShield:getId()) then creaturePos.x = creaturePos.x...
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    Lua Help to make two functions as one (spell) TFS 1.3

    Hi guys, I have two different spells with two different functions and I would like to put them together. That's the first script: local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_BLOCKARMOR, true)...
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    Lua TFS 1.3 hunting trap spell

    Hello guys, I would like a help to create a spell where the player say the words and then place a trap (like feroxa silver trap) on the ground that last for 30 seconds. If no enemy step in the trap in 30 seconds, it will disappear. If a enemy step on the trap, it will take a hit based on this...
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    Lua TFS 1.3 Spell with direction condition and position effect

    Hello guys, I'm doing some custom spells with sprites 96x64 and I would like a little hlep with two things. 1: How do I make the spell show effects with those variations: if player facing north or south effect x, if player facing left or right effect y. 2: As my sprites are bigger than 32x32...
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    Lua Multiple damage system request

    Hello guys, I would like a system that the player has a chance to do a second damage. For example, the player is killing a enemy and is using a weapon that has 10% chance of having multiple damage. When the multiple damage chance happens, the player will hit the enemy twice with no cooldown but...
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    OTClient Increase effect limit TFS 1.3 - Otclient 0.6.6

    Hello guys, I would like a help on how to increase max effect limits. Can somebody point me to a tutorial or list below each thing I need to do to increase the limit? Is it only in the client that I need make the changes, or in TFS aswel? My otclient is already extended and uses transparency...
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    Lua Spell that teleport player to target but check interferences in the way

    Hello guys, I would like a spell that teleports the caster to the target. When casted, the poff effect (effect number 3) will appear where the player was and another effect (effect number 1) will appear at the target when the player get to it. Also I would like the spell to check interferences...