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    Sup Otland?

    x d
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    Witam Czy znajde kodera / skryptera z starej piasownicy? (7.6 xml)

    Baabuseek? Kogo ja widzę.
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    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    Can I buy GM in the shop?
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    Computer engineer looking for a relaxed job in a well-established project

    XD That's a milestone if I ever seen one
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    TFS 1.X+ player_deaths stores only one death per player

    show data/creaturescripts/scripts/playerdeath.lua
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    A new idea, to get back old "atmosphere"

    just use git for your scripts duh
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    Lua Script to "replace" source spell cooldown

    If you want to apply it to all spells then: CONDITION_SPELLCOOLDOWN CONDITION_SPELLGROUPCOOLDOWN CONDITIONID_DEFAULT (hasCondtion) -> getCondition setTicks -> reducedValue else you need the src modifications/the lua cooldown system you specified.
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    Programmer CWMsollutions Sp. z o.o. programming services

    I would be scared to use your services because it just doesn't look legit.
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    [PAID JOB] Hiring Tutorials Writer for WIKI

    ecks dee
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    Aurelion isnt ded, ya'll dumb [My Experience]

    Who are you anyway?
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    Aurelion isnt ded, ya'll dumb [My Experience]

    oki doki boomer
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    Aurelion isnt ded, ya'll dumb [My Experience]

    nice drama 7/10 with rice
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    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    Lol you do realize the client can hit rest api
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    TalkAction task system tfs 1.3

    found it laying around so if you wanna use it then use it no description as always, good luck
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    C++ hadCondition dont read when condition have subid

    bool Creature::hasCondition(ConditionType_t type, uint32_t subId/* = 0*/) const { if (isSuppress(type)) { return false; } int64_t timeNow = OTSYS_TIME(); for (Condition* condition : conditions) { if (condition->getType() != type || condition->getSubId() != subId)...
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    Spell [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells

    Some videos from early versions (video is laggy xd): https://streamable.com/9the60 https://streamable.com/r8zimt
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    C++/LUA/PHP + web design services

    Open for tasks. Check out my latest published script: Spell - [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-skillshot-spells.276589/)
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    Solved [TFS 1.3] Create playerdata table of an offline player

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    Spell [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells

    lib + example, gl hf function onCastSpell(creature, variant) function onCreatureHit2(self, hitCreature) doTargetCombat(self.casterId, hitCreature, COMBAT_ENERGYDAMAGE, -1, -1, CONST_ME_NONE) end function onCreatureHit(self, hitCreature) local hitCreatureDirection =...