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    RME can't find tibia.spr and tibia.dat for client 8.6

    Anyone know how to fix this bug when rme can't locate tibia.dat/tibia.spr even when it's installed and I pointed location. I read that 8.6 has this kind of problem with rme but maybe someone solved this problem.
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    tibia client 8.6 safe?

    I downloaded tibia 8.6 from a lot of sources but every client has some viruses detected by virustotal.com. Is it normal for this client?
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    mismatch vocations with database

    When I set for player vocation id 1 (sorc) in database, player has id 5 (MS) when he log into the game. For other vocations there is the same problem. I change to id 4 (druid) and player has id 8 (ek). What is causing the problem? I'm using tfs 1.3 My vocations.xml in /data/XML <?xml...
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    C++ Tibia crash when fighting with monsters - tfs 1.3 client 10.98

    Need help to fix this problem (it appears always when ancient scarabs are engaged to fight)
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    Old elf fortress - tfs1.3/10.98

    I'm using real map data pack but I see every real map pack have burning elf fortress. Anyone know where I can get old elf fortress? Btw I'm not sure but fortress should burn only sometimes not all them time but I'm not sure. Maybe authors of real maps did't see the reasons to make this...
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    AAC Znote outfit issues (shop)

    Three questions. 1. Is it possible to put in shop outfits from real tibia shop? I didn't see id's for those outfits in znote files. 2. Can players change sex via znote shop and "transfer/save" their outfits during this process? 3. Is it possible to make condition that will prevent to apply...
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    Remove offline training when using bed tfs 1.3

    I want to totaly remove offline training form my server. I can manually delete statue trainer but I don't know how to make normal bed without training mode. Is it possible to remove it?
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    AAC Activate user account via email znote acc

    I set true here: 'register' => true, // Send activation mail When user enter activation link there is information that account is activated but user still can't enter his account. I found this part in users.php // Checks if user is activated (Not in use atm) function...
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    C++ Making monsters move when far from respawn

    Issue: Normally when player is near monster and it can't reach the player it run all over the place (monster never stay in one spot). Problem appears after I removed condition which were teleporting monsters back in case when they run too far from spawn. When monsters are far from spawn they...
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    AAC Cache error - znote acc

    I have those errors on my page: Warning: fopen(engine/cache/news.cache.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/test/public_html/engine/function/cache.php on line 91 Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in...
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    AAC ZNOTE ACC - start position old rookgaard

    How can I set starting position to old rookgaard (in temple with cipfriend). 6,30,32 all those towns are the same Rookgaard Tutorial Island. I use tfs 1.3
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    TFS 1.2 summon spell bugged

    I can summon how much monsters I want. They attack everyone even their master. When killed they disappear. I use 10.98 client. If I can provide any file to help solve this issue please tell me. bump
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    TFS 1.2 item replacing bug

    When I want to change eg. armor and I don't have enough cap/requremants, armor from my equipment drops to the place where the second armor is (ground, dp etc.). Correct reaction should be msg that I can't wear this item and item in my eq should stay on it's place. is it possible to repair this...
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    Repair quest chest

    I noticed that one quest box on my map is empty and I'm trying to fix this. I see most quest chests have action ID 2000 so I copied same value here. But what about Unique ID? In which file I can check unique IDs? Is it necessary to add this? / tfs1.2 The Isle of Evil Quest
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    Missing monters files

    I think I miss some monsters files. How can I fix this? I noticed problem with : rustheap golem glooth anemone metal gargoyle walker rot elemental glooth blob blood beast I use tfs 1.2, data pack rl map/client 10.98
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    Programmer NPC/monster - city guard

    I can offer 50$ for npc/monster which role will be protecting town (classifie however you want, I just want it to works like in my link). tfs 1.2, tibia client 10.98 Guards /NOTE.The only differents between guards are appearance and monsters the - Pastebin.com
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    Remove twist of fate tfs 1.2

    Which files I need to edit to completely remove twist of fate (including dialogues).
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    Frags not added to unjustified points section tfs1.2

    I can kill 3 players and get red skull but nothing changes here: How can I fix this? (I'm using 10.98 client)
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    C++ Black skull bug tfs 1.2

    When player has black skull and throw SD, rune disappear deal no dmg and there is no animation. How to unlock posibilty for black skull to make 50% dmg?
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    C++ Removing lvl requirement

    Which files I have to edit to remove completely lvl requirement for items and weapons. I know in weapons.xml and items.xml are lvl requirement but what about descriptions? Do I have to change something in code? I'm using tfs 1.2