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    [TFS 1.3] I need Cobra Bastion's Mini Bosses (Gafir, Custodian, Guard Captain Quaid) - help me?

    TFS 1.3 server 12.51. I need Cobra Bastion's mini bosses (Gafir, Custodian, Guard Captain Quaid, ungly monster) all with a small chance to summon the Ungly Monster. Does anyone have there and can send me? I am not locating in the forums.
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    Storage Teleport System

    I am developing a Sv 12.51 TFS 1.3 I want to make a system to facilitate the FARM of Bosses. I'm going to make a Room With Teleports straight to the bosses, so that the Player doesn't waste time going there. But it will work as follows, for the Players to release the TP access (From the...
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    Mini Boss Room - Teleport

    I am creating an OT 12.51 TFS 1.3. I need help, I didn't find it here on the forum, I don't know how to look it up. I am making a TP to go to the Lions Mini Boss room under the Werehyenas. It needs to be a Teleport that when the person enters the Boss appears, And when he leaves or dies, the...
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    Error Unknown event name: - Help-me Plx

    My Server: TFS 1.3 - Web Gesior - Error in server: Unknown event name: Sorry for my english Creaturescript White Deer local config = { -- ordered by chance, the last chance being 100 {chance = 30, monster = 'Enraged White Deer', message = 'The white deer summons all his...
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    Lua Help, BOSS Respaw every 2 Hours.

    I need a script that does the following: The Boss appears in a certain coordinate (X Y Z) every 2 hours. But if no one kills him before 2 o'clock ... he be removed. So that when it gives the 2 hours another one appears. I do not want more than 1 boss in the room. Thank you for helping me.
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    C++ Error in IMBUIMENT System... HELP

    I need help to solve 2 problems in Imbuement system. 1 - The System, imbui the item. But when I equip the item imbuido it does not work. 2 ° - When I try to remove the imbuement, it does not remove. If anyone can help me thank you. I'll send down the Imbuement script. --[[ 1~3 =>...
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    C++ How Edit this Vocation Outfit

    Need edit this script to use in TFS 1.2... Pls help =) Creaturescripts/scripts/vocouts.lua creaturescripts.xlm Have this error. Plx help =)
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    C++ How to edit this script to see the vocation

    How do I edit this script so that when the player level up, he earns Outfit according to his vocation? Example: EK = Warrior Outfit, Sorcerer = Wizard ... No need to earn the Addon. Outfit Only
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    C++ HELP Script Verifying Storage

    How do I edit this script to check the value of Storage? It's there in the part of Mining Skill, I tried to create a check but I do not understand script uhahuahua Well, what happens is that when the player logs in the first time he has to set the value of STORAGE 15002 to 1 and 15003 to 0...
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    C++ Need autoloot system TFS 1.2

    Well before you criticize me because there are several topics about autoloot. I apologize because I am a layman in programming. I need an autoloot script only for Gold Coin to go straight to the Bank. However this system has to be activated by an item and have a duration of 15 days as I will...
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    Need Help in this Quest

    I need help setting up a quest on my server. I'll explain how the quest will work so they can help me. The player will go through the door and will see the 5 Basin, the Lever and the Skeleton. OBS * TELEPORT WILL APPEAR WHEN KILLING THE BOSS. In the basin next to the lever the Player will...
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    Lua Need Help in This MIning Script

    Need help... Plx http://oi66.tinypic.com/2198521.jpg My Script: ------------------------------------------------------ -- Script by: Lwkass -- Mod: Vittu -- Version: 2.0 -- Tested in: TFS 0.4 --------------------------- -- Configurations -- --------------------------- local...