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    Scripter I need help with double exp event on otservbr

    I cant get double exp to work. I will pay 20$ to the one who can help me.
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    Lua Double exp event dosent work

    So, i'm trying to put oin double exp. This is my event.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <events> <event name="Outriders exp/skill event" startdate="06/4/2021" enddate="06/6/2021" script="example.lua" > <ingame exprate="200" lootrate="100" spawnrate="100" skillrate="200" />...
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    Lua Wierd bug, Mounts

    So i've made a costum mount, I can use to on GM, But not on normal char, I see it in my mount list, but I press ok, It doesn't come up and it just go backs to the mount i had before, if press ok
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    Lua I'm out of ideas! How to remove a bed?

    So, i forgot to add bed in the map editor, so i made the beds with /i and id. but i wanna have them in another place, Now i cant remove them, I cant move them. /r dosent work on them. I even tried my golem wrench script, so maybe i could transform the bed, But no it dosent work either
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    Lua i can use item to get an addon i alrdy have

    So, I actually manage to make my own script to get full addon when click on item, But If i use the item again, I get lighting effect and it remove my item, instead of saying You own no premium account or already own this outfit part local config = { -- Racoon [40869] = {female =...
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    Lua Use item and get full outfit

    For example, I use item 40869, And i get Full racoon outfit (1372 for female and 1371 for male) and if I alrdy have it, it say that I alrdy have the outfit
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    Attempt to index a nil value stack traceback

    I just cant figgure out what is wrong. I've used this for another boss that works fine, The only difference is that this monster have an space bar. [Lua script error: C:\Users\M\data\scripts\quests\egna_bossar\black_ninja.lua:callback [2021-31-05 03:26:36.743] [error] ...nkar...
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    Use item on chest

    I'm trying to make like rl tibia, so you can use crystal sword on chest to get goolem wrench. as it working now, It removes the chest on fail/succeed. I want the chest to stay. so only the crystal sword (7449) only get removed ------------ -- Alternative to no-magic style. -- Description here...
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    Lua Time to kill boss

    How can i add timer? Like you only have 15 min to kill the boss, If it goes 15 min, you get kicked to X position? -- lever to Duke Krule room local config = { requiredLevel = 100, daily = true, roomCenterPosition = Position(33456, 31472, 13), playerPositions = {...
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    RevScripts Vip boat Revscript tfs 1.3

    I want to, like if you say viptown, you can go to VIP town, But only if u have VIP, otherwise he said like you need VIP to travel here local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function...
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    /save dont save house

    Hello. I'm running an otservbr. And i have a friend who is hosting it. so I can acces to pretty much everything except to restart it. So what I have done is that I crash the server when I'm like updating the map. I always do /save before doing it. everything saves except things in house. I...
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    [Sweden][12.64] Outriders RL-Map Started 05-13-2021

    ExpStage: 1-8: 20x 9-20: 120X 21-50: 100x 51-80: 50x 81-150: 30x 151-200: 20x 201-300: 10x 301-400: 4x 401-: 2x Skillstage: 10-60: 60x 61-80: 50x 81-110: 40x 111-125: 30x 126-: 25x Maglevel: 0-60: 10x 61-80: 8x 81-100: 7x 101-110: 6x 111-125: 5x 126-: 4x Lootrate:x3 Imbue seller/buy tibia...
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    Boss. Lever kick boss

    Hello. I've made a custom boss. The problem is if another team use lever while a player inside, the boss disappear. It just poffs away How can you fix this? :o Oh lol i forgott to add script. I'm stupid. Sorry! Here it is -- lever to MoneyPls local config = { requiredLevel = 20...
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    Level on scarlett

    Hello. I want a level requirerment on scarlett, This is the script local info = { bossName = "Scarlett Etzel", middle = Position(33395, 32662, 6), fromPos = Position(33385, 32638, 6), toPos = Position(33406, 32660, 6), exitPos = Position(33395, 32670, 6), timer =...
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    Lua healing and runing dont remove paralyze

    Hello If i run and use for example Exura ico, It doesn't remove paralyze, But if I stand still it removes it, this makes it impossible to hunt.. Any idea how to fix this? This is my Exura ico script local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING)...
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    RevScripts Need an npc that sells outfit and mounts tfs 1.3

    I need a npc that sells mounts and outfits. both full and only outfit. If you can make an example of it, I can fix the rest! but please put at least 2 mounts and 2 outfits in the example
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    Geisor acc hidden char

    Hello. When i make a new char it's automaticly hidden, How can I change so its not hidden by default?
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    Vip Teleport

    Hello. I'm using OtservBr. I added vip to the server with this https://forums.otserv.com.br/index.php?/forums/topic/169730-revscript-sistema-vip/ How can I make an teleport that only VIP players can enter? I've seen a lot of tutorials etc, But no one for Revscript. Can someone please help me?
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    Geisor acc!

    ello, I'm using Geisor acc. And The ip is Antira - Latest News And when u press Creat account or logg in u come to "http://localhost/?subtopic=createaccount" How can i fix this? please help!
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    Spawn prob!

    Hey, I'm hosting an RL map, Got Geisor acc~ When I create character i spawn in thais, but when i die, i spawn in ab, How can i fix this ? I've tried everything, And if i make /t with GM i get to ab to It get spawned in Town 5, Which is ab, But i want it to be town 2 Which is Thais