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  1. silveralol

    Lua table as param

    Hello, I'm trying using a table as parameter to use in another function ... above the function ofc ... local playerTable = {} for i = 1, #playerPos do local playerTile = Tile(playerPos[i]):getTopCreature() if playerTile and playerTile:isPlayer() then...
  2. silveralol

    Solved format a nil value? TFS 1.2 / otservbr

    hello folks, I can't figure out what is happening... so, I use otservbr, or whatever, same with tfs 1.2 I want to chance some msg of loot with a chance... local text = {} msgLoot = {} if self:getName():lower() == (Game.getBoostedCreature()):lower() then...
  3. silveralol

    Solved lever with a little loop

    hello folks, I'm working on a quest that have one lever... is 15 SQM's divided like this: then I need teleport each team to different rooms each team must to be 3 players.... exemple: if the team 1 have TWO players the third player must be the first of team 2 I do some code but it don't work :/...
  4. silveralol

    Lua help with os.time()

    hello folks, I'm working on something that uses timer I set storage to the player player:setStorageValue(key, os.time() + 20 * 60 * 1000) so, I want the time left local timeLeft = player:getStorageValue(key) - os.time() and send it to player something like: player:sendTextMessage('Time...
  5. silveralol

    C++ monster:setPet(true)

    hello folks, I'm wondering if is possible set monster flags to monsters with lua exemple: local monster = Game.createMonster('rat', Position(x, y, z), true, true) if monster then monster:setAttackable(true) -- that line means <flag attackable="1"/> end so if is possible, how I should do it?
  6. silveralol

    Lua onMoveItem - players can hold only ONE item

    hello folks, I'm trying make players can carry just ONE item... so I try it: if item:getTopParent() ~= self and item:getId() == ITEM_ID then if player:getItemCount(ITEM_ID) >= 1 then self:sendCancelMessage('You cannot hold more balls.') end end but using it I...
  7. silveralol

    Lua how use string to get different informations

    hello folks, I'm trying make something, so with a string I want get the informations for the stuff string = rat, 40, 100, 100, 40 where: rat = name 40 = lvl 100 = healthnow 100 = maxhealth 40 = loot bonus how I can get these informations with that string ? I try with this for exemple: local...
  8. silveralol

    C++ trouble with some ITEM_ATTRIBUTE

    hello folks, I'm trying figure out how solve my problem I'm trying to create a pet system by c++ using ITEM_ATTRIBUTES for each config of the pet system I've creaated an attribute they are: ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_PETLEVEL ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_PETNAME ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_HEALTH ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_MAXHEALTH...
  9. silveralol

    weird errors in console

    hello folks, I'm having weird errors in the console Lua Script Error: [MoveEvents Interface] data/movements/scripts/walkback.lua:onStepIn Stack size changed! but have nothing wrong with walkback.lua, the problem is with the variables, seems that my system don't reset the variables when crash...
  10. silveralol

    C++ summon don't get experience points

    hello folks, I'm trying make the all summons don't get any experience, all the experience go to the master, I'm looking to the source, but don't get anything, could someone give a direction ? bump
  11. silveralol

    Windows login in client 11.04

    hello folks, I'm trying login with client 11.04 my login.php atm and my connnection.cpp and .h is from tfs 1.3 so, how I can start to find the way to get login on this version ? I want to have it to make the new monsters :3 bump
  12. silveralol

    C++ compiling TFS old with MVS 2015

    hello, then I'm trying update the compiler of my old source tfs .. then I update the project, the boost aswell, but I get an error when try compile Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error C2338 You've instantiated std::atomic<T> with sizeof(T)...
  13. silveralol

    Lua how convert timestamp to "date" type

    hello folks, I'm trying to convert a timestamp to show in the item description... actual behavior with this script local test = thing:getAttribute(ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_DATE) description = description .. thing:getDescription(distance) .. '\n' ..tostring(test) .. '.' this attr I get from the PR of the...
  14. silveralol

    idea to make a script

    hello folks, I'm trying make the completely full ferumbras ascendant quest, but I have some difficult to make the puzzle of lava fount, this puzzle is the access to mazoran room... I just translate from a BR wiki (cuz don't have these informations in tibia.wikia... In Infernatil's teleport, you...
  15. silveralol

    C++ support protocol 11.10

    as tht title says, I saw somewhere a running otserver with protocol 11.10, I want to know how I can update my home tfs to that protocol, atm I have access to protocol 11.01, but I don't see any change that I can do to update it, so, if someone can help me I'll appreciate
  16. silveralol

    C++ move the monster back to own spawn position

    Hello, I'm trying make the monsters walk back to the spawn positiion when the target list is empty I'm using the function from @Marcelo Druida https://otland.net/threads/creature-moveto-position.237960/ AS BASE to try move the monsters then in monster.cpp void onThink() }...
  17. silveralol

    Lua Leave house don't send items to depot

    as the title says I have an issue, when I buy a house and then left some items inside and use the command leave house the items don't be moved to the depot I use tfs 1.1/2 it is old so I'll leave all the codes here house.cpp https://hastebin.com/isilovopud.php house.h...
  18. silveralol

    Lua blessing frame

    hello folks. With the blessing 7 the players have a golden frame in the equipment and also an icon near of the show/hide equipment button and this icon show the message that the player is blessed with the adventurer blessing until the player get level 21... that is right, I already have a...
  19. silveralol

    C++ Experience boost show in skill window

    Hello folks, I'm trying change the Xp Gain Rate in the skills window when the player buy the experience boost in the store ... so, the offer in the store will give a storage to the player and it will be handled in creatureEvents in onGainExperience then I want to update the values and handle...
  20. silveralol

    C++ /atrr skills

    hello folks, as the title says I'm requesting a function in c++ that set the spawn positions, I need it to handle with some world changes ... to be possible to create monsters by scripts and set their spawn positions to them spawn normal as the others monsters... also I need a function that set...