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    TFS 0.X Problem Event

    Good afternoon folks! I have a big problem here at my event! what happens: when one team wins the event the other is the one who is taking the prize .... can someone help me?
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    TFS 0.X War Anti-entrosa

    there is the script, sorry
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    TFS 0.X War Anti-entrosa

    Good night guys! I have a little problem in my anti-war war. when will you accept this error [21: 3: 38.589] [Error - TalkAction interface] [21: 3: 38.590] data / talkactions / scripts / events / warEntrosa.lua: onSay [21: 3: 38.590] Description: [21: 3: 38.590] data / lib / citywar_lib.lua...
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    TFS 0.X Attack Speed tfs 0.4

    I'm sorry, I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator, that's exactly 1 attack every 7 miles, at TFs 0.4 it is limited, or you use 1000 ms for 1 attack per second or you use 500 ms for 2 attack per second. I really wanted to break it, I wanted to let it go ... example: 1000ms = 1 attack per...
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    TFS 0.X Attack Speed tfs 0.4

    Hello guys, good night everyone! Guys I'm having difficulty in the area of attack speed of tfs 0.4, and as everyone should know this is a very controversial subject, I know that it limits the attacks. Example: (max 1 attack for 1000 ms, when you put 500 ms he gives you 2 attacks), but then...
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    TFS 1.X+ time to throw item on the floor

    good night guys! alright? will someone help me, I wanted to change the time the player moves the item, whether inside the bag or bag to the floor, example: the player will throw an item on the floor, it takes 2 seconds to fall ... help me please... my server is tfs 1.2
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    TFS 1.X+ Kill / Death look

    good morning friends! I needed a script that shows both kill and death when looking at the char, but for tfs 1.2, can anyone make it available?
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    C++ Transfer tfs 1.2 to 1.3

    Good night friends! All right? i would like to know if there is any way to update a tfs 1.2 to 1.3? my server version is 8.00
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    C++ IncreaseMagicpercent tfs 1.2

    thank you very much, but I don't think I can update my tfs 1.2 to 1.3, because my server is 8.00; /, thanks so much for the tip.
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    C++ IncreaseMagicpercent tfs 1.2

    Hello friends! good afternoon! I know it doesn't exist as atributkey = increaseMagicPercente ... nor the increasePhysicalPercente in tfs 1.2. but I've seen a server with these attributes ... does anyone have to provide?
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    RevScripts script conversion

    Hello Guys, good night, someone by chance would convert this script function onLook(cid, thing, position, lookDistance) function getDeathsAndKills(cid, type) -- by vodka local query,d = db.getResult("SELECT `player_id` FROM "..(tostring(type) == "kill" and "`player_killers`" or...
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    Lua Private Hunt

    Hi guys! Good night everyone, I would like to lose you, if you can create a private hunt script. How will it work? It works this way, when a player clicks a lever he will be teleported to x hunt for 24 hours, when the time is up he will be teleported to the temple automatically, and when a...
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    AAC Powered by MyAAC

    Hello guys, good morning everyone! I'm sorry for the English, but I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator. I wasted a lot of time trying to find where to get the phrase at the bottom of the site "powered by Myaac" if someone can help me, I want to remove it from my site, thank you very...
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    it worked really thank you! it was just a little problem, he starts the event with any number of players, and I would like to impose limits. example: does not start if you do not have 4 players. but even so thank you very much! :D
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    Boa noite Amigos! estou com um probleminha em meu evento dota. O evento abre a primeira pedra, mas na hora de iniciar ele da esse seguinte error: