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    Hi Searching for best programmers for an idea I have about start a OT server contact me if you have the best skills and are interested
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    if anyoine ahve this server pleas host it we wnat playy!
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    [RESET][Netherland] Amenia 7.4 |Real Map|Mid-Rate|All Quests| Start: Wednesday 1st June, 18 CET

    Welcome to Amenia 7.4 a real map based oldschool server. Every spell is out balanced and pretty well scripted to provide the best game-play that is possible. The benefits of Amenia or basicly every server I am hosting? Well I am quiet alot activ not like other hosters, I do listen to my players...
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    Open Tibia

    Hello Ive been playing tibia since it was 7.4 version. I have enjoyed it very much and I moslty like to play 7.4 versions I have seen there is not so many 7.4 longlasting ot servers so I want to know if anyone can help me id like to buy the best or one of the best OT to host and pay the best...
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    my char has ben for bugg agein x( is not rite char name is vem vet fix is plz? fast or quit and no pay moni for foni makaroni
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    All ROOKslaayers and Rookstayers message me here on forum and I will invit to my guild in rook we are rook we own rook we brith rook we k ill rook we pwn rook is or motto ;) trhx
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    Botters -.-'

    I have thinking some time on tibia and my think have becom angry I have found many boter for every day and i make control and r plus report and i write name and why ban but now one wek same people same bot same cave why gms dont ban afk botters? this si not fun
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    Did pay i Did pay but didnt get Any points ? Please fix it
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    My character is bugged. i was walking to necromancers in yalahar but on the way i got debug, i dont know why and now when i try to logg in it just debugging again clients closes. please fix this (my opinion) you shouldnt update
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    LunarForce to ShadowCore

    I would like to know if its possible to swtch from Shadow to Lunar, i want t do some war etc etc and after some time, am i able to go back to shadowcore??