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    Alguzu on Zealonline

    So these past 2 weeks ive been just playing every single server that comes online just because i was making time for ascalon to come xd well i found this ot a long time ago because of my buddy deepling but unfortunately i didnt play it that much ok so im gonna start playing an EK and a MS...
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    Alguzu's Life Thread

    Welcome to my life thread! I've started playing on this server month or two ago and i was just skilling for this time. Now im starting to play on this server normally. Name: Alguzu Voc: Royal Paladin Main Goals:Distance:Money: Level 100 [X]100 [X]500K[] Level 150 []110 []1KK[] Level...
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    Alguzu (Mapping works)

    Hello i just started to watch some tips for mapping and i did a old temple.... im gonna be posting new pics its unfinished I accept constructive critics :D