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  1. zbizu

    TFS 1.X+ [C++] Need help with resolving client crashes in version 12

    Hey. I'm trying to make tfs run with client 12.71, but I'm facing some connection problems. I got login through webService working: https://github.com/Zbizu/forgottenserver/commit/7e4022bd3800616338a3864c401cace794843557 but the problem is that the client crashes the moment it receives first...
  2. zbizu

    OpenTibia TFS alternative icon

    I couldn't really participate the content because the icon wasn't vector and it was too late to submit, but I feel like it's worth sharing anyway. It comes in all standard sizes from 256x256 to 16x16. how to use: rename to theforgottenserver and drop into vc64 folder Here's a preview: Download:
  3. zbizu

    Tibia memes

    I can't find any place dedicated to tibia memes. Since it doesn't quite fit ot nor rl tibia, I decided to post in chitchat. Post memes from tibia if you spot any I'll start:
  4. zbizu

    RevScripts [other] "bad" versions of 8.54/8.6 items.otb

    Sorry for bad prefix. There isn't a matching one for my unusual request and board policy forces me to pick one. TL;DR: I'm looking for "bad" versions of items.otb from 8.54/8.6 era. this is why: Basically I'm working on item replacer for otbm files (server maps). The main target is migration...
  5. zbizu

    [TFS 1.3] seasons of the year (async)

    In preparation to version 12, I've wrote a code that could be used for feyrist day/night cycle or for any server to create alternative versions of specific areas. What it does: It transforms a large area into another biome (you have to fill biomes table manually). It does that in delays so the...
  6. zbizu

    Scripter Zbizu / Free scripting service

    Hi everyone! About me from: Poland spoken languages: Polish (native), English (advanced), other (translator only) known for: Lua scripts, RME extensions (now outdated), Lua map generator and Mystera datapack working with various datapacks since 2006 (with breaks), in otland since 2010 examples...
  7. zbizu

    [Windows] Tired of copying TFS executable all the time? Look here!

    compile, copy, run, compile, copy, run, compile, copy, run tired of that? Make the Windows run the app right after compiling without changing anything in the project settings! Besides one way to start TFS in another directory, there is another one: 1. create a batch file in your main folder*...
  8. zbizu

    Which build would be most op if we could use items/spells from every vocation?

    Hey, I was wondering what if we ditched the concept of vocations and allowed everything instead. You could train any skill at dedicated vocation rate, you could use any spell or item. Which build would be the most op in this situation? Which strategy would become completely useless?
  9. zbizu

    When making a server, don't forget what got you into Tibia

    not the 1:1 copy of the rl map not the game version not the advanced systems not the much rpg low rates thing not the microtransactions for the best set in game not the pvp or the dominando not the grind not the botted level 500 not even the balanced gameplay It was the fun. Look at yurots...
  10. zbizu

    useful tricks in Visual Studio for beginners

    Introduction This thread purpose is to get more people into experimenting with TFS sources. Most beginners (and plenty of advanced users) prefer using Windows when it comes to running tfs locally. This is not a disadvantage - most of user friendly tools to build a decent game world are for...
  11. zbizu

    [discussion] isSightClear development discussion thread

    Hello. If you regularly browse issues and pull requests of master branch you probably know about problems with isSightClear function (responsible for throwing items and attacks, ranged monster behaviour, and obstacle detection in area spells). Because all three problems are related to each...
  12. zbizu

    Complaint double standards

    I reported this post: https://otland.net/threads/what-is-allowed-and-what-isnt-allowed-on-otland.273089/post-2630083 the mod response was: but when I say word "fuck" as a synonym of "work" in a PRIVATE MESSAGE, you have a problem with it the (translated) message I got a warning for was: do...
  13. zbizu

    santa hats bugged on mobile view

    They're oversized and clip on avatar edges. All styles affected. edit: or was that supposed to be a snow heap? It's clipped on desktop too.
  14. zbizu

    Thoughts on monster level system?

    If you had a chance to add a monster level system of your design to your server: how would the level be calculated? what would you use it for? (which places on map, which monsters, which quests/events, etc) how would you configure it? Assume this: the code can do whatever you imagine you...
  15. zbizu

    Reading console errors

    For some reason a lot of people have trouble reading console errors and it makes me feel as if ability to read console errors was some ancient wisdom. In this tutorial you will learn to understand errors in your scripts. case 1: server closes and you can't read the error message: If you're on...
  16. zbizu

    OTClient decoding protocol userdata

    Hello. I'm trying to obtain server info for otclient through Protocol methods. Example in php: renatorib/otinfo (https://github.com/renatorib/otinfo) my code is: HOST = '' PORT = 7171 function sendTestingRequest() if not HOST then return end local protocol =...
  17. zbizu

    Triple anniversary

    Hello OtLand! Tomorrow (22nd Nov) is a very important day to me. It marks my 10th year on this forum and is also my 25th birthday. At December 18 it will also be 15 years since I started playing Tibia. Time sure flies fast so I think that's a good moment to share my story with you. I started...
  18. zbizu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] block unofficial clients

    This script allows you to prevent players from playing clients that aren't whitelisted by the script preview: creaturescripts.xml: <event type="login" name="clientControlLogin" script="client_control.lua" /> <event type="think" name="clientControl" interval="5000"...
  19. zbizu

    [10.98] client/server testing map

    intended to maintain it, but I got bored too fast, in case somebody wants to add possible testing cases I allow using that map for whatever you want screenshot from fps drop testing chamber: download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12S0me8-FWFVxJrI93orCwK3WAwlU2icB/view?usp=sharing
  20. zbizu

    [Discussion] TFS direction (to do list/new milestones)

    Since it quite doesn't fit issue format, I'm posting it here. We had a rough week discussing the client and how fixes should be shared, now what about the server? I think that we need a solid to do list that won't be just 2 positions unchanged for years or just a link to issues. Now you may...