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  1. gremlee

    Open new server need scripters and mappers.

    Hello thinking of starting new server 8.6. any intrested? pm me
  2. gremlee

    Team Searthing team/job PAYING.

    Qumora! Qumora.com - Edited Evolutions - Low EXP [8.6] We're currently recruiting: 1- Web Designer (0/1) 2- Balancer (0/2) 3- Lua scripter (0/1) 4- Mapper (0/2) 5- Web developers(PHP&SQL) (0/1) Hello searching for a really good team that will work with me on my server to make it best. Make...
  3. gremlee

    Otservlist problem, may also be tfs.

    Hello ive been talking to otservlist got this email from them. This is the XML which is being returned by your server, from which otservlist is getting the number of players. Now it returns that you have -46208 players online (which obviously can't be true) and this is the reason why your...
  4. gremlee

    Otservlist problem.

    Hello i have my server qumora.com its online and everything running smooth but when i go otservlist.org it doesnt show online never had this problem before. I tryed to restart the server changed the statustimeout on config dident work any ideas? I havent changed anything either :S
  5. gremlee

    Linux Ddos on website?

    Hello i having a problem that my website go off and on have been for like 3 days now first i though it was visitor overload but reseted it and no changes its keep getting offline. Any ideas? Check www.qumora.com
  6. gremlee

    WTS Gold wow lightning's blade eu horde

    Hello as the titel say i am selling gold on lightning's blade eu horde because i quited wow and i dont need my gold i have around 300k msg me if u intersted
  7. gremlee

    .php script top addons and quest on Znote AAC

    Hello i have this 2 php scripts but the formula is not correct any got ideas? http://qumora.com/addontop.php $s = 5; $totalAddons = 24 * 3; $i = 0; foreach ($addons as $addon) { $i++; $percent = round((int)$addon['sum'] / $totalAddons * 100, 2); ?> http://qumora.com/questtop.php $s =...
  8. gremlee

    Programmer and scripter look here paying!

    Hello tody i found a bug and if you wanna help me pm me its kinda hard i think :P
  9. gremlee

    Programmer Looking for a programmer to fix my tfs 0.4 PAYING

    Hello as the title says i need a good programmer to fix my tfs 0.4 willing to pay enough price can we disscus.
  10. gremlee

    tcp no delay sources.

    Just add tcp no delay to your source, it's one line of code :) You can find it somewhere in new TFS. Anybody know how to find this one :P ?
  11. gremlee

    Paypal limited ! Help.

    Hello just got message from paypal and the wanna know how i get money. Ofc i get it from donation from my server. I need to. Identify yourself or your business type -Pick which type of PayPal account best suits you. What is your ownership type? * An individual consumer refers to any...
  12. gremlee

    Lag when players in screen PAYING

    Hello on my server qumora.com its lagging when its player in screen anybody know how to fix this? When i am alone in screen nothing lagging :S tfs 0.4 rev 3777 host in france Paying 15 euro for the one that fix it!
  13. gremlee

    Solved Spells how to stack

    Hello i have this buff that give you more health and mana but when u have others buffs like incrennsing skills, when i am in pz, utito tempo it doesnt work :S local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE) setCombatParam(combat...
  14. gremlee

    Good dedicated server

    Hello guys, i would like to ask those who is experienced in dedicated servers, where should i rent a dedi server? i am currently using kimsufi.com but when i reach 100+ players it make the server spike lag Would be very thankfull if you also linked good and trustwhorthy companys. Edited: What i...
  15. gremlee

    Linux Linux lag

    Hello i am running a tfs 0.4 rev 3777 on linux. Core™ i5-3570S 3.1 GHz+ 16gb ram 100 Mbps at 100+ players i get random spike lags any ideas ?
  16. gremlee

    Paygol help

    Hello why cant my egypten people donate via paygol? Warning This receiver either has set a price out of range or the currency conversion could not find the exact amount for this country. Please contact the seller for more information. I tryed to change the currency to egypten value but dont...
  17. gremlee

    Znote request :D

    Hello i was wondering if somebody could make this to znote. At guild page, you could upload images to ur guild, also when u press into a guild add a comment to the guild, like "level 200 to join this guild". Character Information if you could get more information in character information like...
  18. gremlee

    Lua Grizzly adams problem.

    Hello having problem with my grizzly adams. something wrong with storage :S Edited: I think something is wrong with storage, because we say rotworms task, 15 players make it work, 1 player getting bugged checked the storage of him and its says 03:56 [svampi slidan - 65020] = V something...
  19. gremlee

    Gaming Qumora Pictures!

    Hello every week we have a winning picture that will give you 200 points to your account! Upload like this
  20. gremlee

    Solved Evolera temple pos

    Anybody know the tiles script on evolera.se ?