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    OTWorld Discord

    I've decided to relaunch OTWorld's Discord Server one more time in case there's any interest, this time as a general purpose open tibia discord server. Distinguishing features from the two other discord servers: Many channels and different topics, not just about open tibia, but real life...
  2. e.e

    Programmer Otclient hire or collab and various small C/C++ and Python tasks (budget total: ~$500)

    Hello everyone. I'm a self-taught systems developer looking for positive and chill/friendly/professional developers with an intermediate or better experience who are looking for collaboration opportunities or (paid) work. Paid jobs: Looking for tutors that can help me learn Portuguese and...
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    Developments in Artificial Intelligence (technology news)

    AI (Google Deepmind) beats some of the world's top players in Starcraft II (January 2019) https://venturebeat.com/2019/01/24/alphastar-deepmind-beats-starcraft-pros/ AI (OpenAI) beats world's top players in Dota 2 (April 13, 2019)...
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    Gnomeland 2019

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    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    Hey again everyone. Backstory: So @Peonso has already got the first Open Source Sprites project going called "OpenTibia Sprite Pack". This is a decent project with a lot of high quality sprites which are not to be underestimated in that regard. However, the way he's set it all up is pretty...
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    PyOT2 (private project, open to trade code/release project for contributions 1:1)

    Background: Sometime around mid August I started working on an OTS project mostly for fun that is written entirely in Python. I've named it PyOT2 after the now defunct and abandoned PyOT project simply because they're both projects written in Python, even though they share no codebase beyond...
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    Looking for someone to chat with

    Hello. So I was thinking that I'd like to have more people/friends from this community to talk to about topics that interests me and that I might as well make a thread about it. Feel free to join in if you're looking for someone else as well. A little bit about myself: Age: In my mid 20's...
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    Dishonesty in the OTS community (starting off with the OTS Septera/Nostalria)

    Hello. First some background about this thread: Previously there were posts made in the Septera OT advertisement thread for criticizing the OT owners for lying in their thread (spoilers: I made the/that post) that were all deleted for being "off-topic" and for "starting a flame-war". Here's the...
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    Share a video that has a message

    Share a video or several that you think has an important message. (Chill rap song by political activist rapper) (Rap music video about ecological destruction, the apocalypse, and aliens by satirical political activists JuiceMedia/Rap News)
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    Team Realots.org - All kinds of paid and unpaid positions; advanced python, nosql, portuguese tutor, +++

    Hi. I'm running the one and only actually perfect replica of Real Tibia 7.70 also known as Realots. This server is for all intents and purposes the same server that was run at www. realots.net by Toor for about 5 years between 2007 towards 2013 without any of the extras that Toor added to it...
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    What's your favorite (retro) video games? (post full lists)

    Recently I've been looking for games similar to the ones I used to play in the past to have some fun old games to chill with, and while pursuing that task the first think I looked for was websites that is supposed to pick similar games for me. Those picks has all been very disappointing, most of...
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    Programmer [Done] C++ Highly secure/reliable Sockets and MySQL base and wrappers

    Greetings. I have currently 1 paid job available for pretty much anyone interested. Job #1: Description: Creating a tiny socket program that connects properly to my 7.7 server @ www.realots.org with RSA (and XTEA when needed) encryption/decryption, tries to login with $x acc# and $y password...
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    Does the OT scene need an exorcism? (food for thought)

    Quoting @Marcus from his DarkOT thread: I thought this was an interesting observation from a psychological or spiritual perspective if it's true, and it might be. So is this trend related to bullying and insanity increasing in the world in general or is it just the OT scene that's gotten more...
  14. e.e

    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    Greetings Tibians. First some backstory about what this server is: Realots (originally realots.net) was a special server hosted by Dennis/Toor for about 4 years between ca. 2006-2010. The main reason it was legendary back then was probably that the server had an uncanny resemblance to actual...
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    Connecting to cip server 7.7 - authenticating with the game server fails

    Hello. I'm trying to connect to a cip server 7.7 using OTC. Connecting with cip client works. I set OTSERV_RSA in modules/gamecore/const.lua to cip client 7.7's public RSA key which is 1429962396241639952007017738289889555079540334546615321747051608293473758277603888296721338620...
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    Programmer Realots.org [7.7] - Looking for help with OTC and TFLS (C++)

    Hi guys. Intro: I currently run http://zanera.realots.org which is a server equivalent to the real deal leaked Tibia 7.7 server intentionally frozen in time so that the Zanera characters and houses can be experienced from back in the days. I've decided not to share the technical details about...
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    Programmer [Paid Per Solution] Solving PHP Router/Framework Problem(s)

    Edit: Solved on my own.
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    [Italy] Zanera 7.70 - Snapshot of a Real Tibia Server (reset every 24h)

    Hi. I decided to re-host Zanera while I'm still working by myself on a web framework that I'm building from scratch (time-consuming) which is leaving Realots in the waiting room. I'll answer one hypothetical FAQ question below while most other answers can be found here...