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  1. grilo13

    Bonus with set pieces

    Hey there. I was thinking in a system like tons of games have, like: if 1 Golden Piece == null if 2 == +5% protection if 3 == +5% damage if 4 >= +5%HP/MANA (just an example, ofc) Is it possible with lua only or I will need to edit sources? Can someone give me a hand? latest TFS from github...
  2. grilo13

    Lua Verify how many enabled Addons a player have

    Hey, I'd like to know if is safe to add something like that on login.lua (creaturescripts) to count how many enable addons (Addon 1 and 2) a player have: if(player:hasOutfit(128, 3) or player:hasOutfit(136, 3)) then add this to a var if(player:hasOutfit(129, 3) or player:hasOutfit(137, 3))...
  3. grilo13

    How to cache "attributes" from items.xml to PHP (Znote)

    I'm using spells.php from @Znote as my base, and trying to do a "items.php", where players will be able to see eq. items in server, but I just import the items' ID, Name and Prefix. (Example from the cache generated) {"id":"2472","name":"magic plate...
  4. grilo13

    Those items really bright when equipped?

    I'm just testing them on my OT, and noticed it :eek: Shroud of Despair Ferumbra's Staff (wand), not the club Impaler of the Igniter Plague Bite have a light blue light too, and Maimer is the same as the helmet
  5. grilo13

    GesiorAAC - getCreateDate()

    Please exclude, i fix the problem :)
  6. grilo13

    Which linux is "better" for me?

    Well, i don't know if i use Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora or another linux. First. I need some OS to compile my OTS and use the OS like a host, cause, i don't like to use Windows Hosts Second. I need some OS where i can watch videos (flash browsers), play my server, and for use daily And finally...
  7. grilo13

    Windows 0xc000007b on TFS 10.31

    I already installed DLLs, Microsoft C++ Packages, try to use x32 and x64 bits, but still don't working Try to using zbizu http://otland.net/threads/10-31-the-forgotten-server-1-0-915.207351/
  8. grilo13

    Gesior "Sorry! Can't save your image" - Guild Logo

    Every time i try to send some image on Guild management, appears this message: When i change the Database and Upload a photo mannualy, appears correctly. Someone can help me?
  9. grilo13

    Help with Gesior ACC + TFS v0.2.8

    Hello! I wonder if they have any Gesior ACC Website for TFS v0.2.8 Some I do not need to modify something in order to use that just log in and install. If anyone knows, please post for me ;) Sorry for my bad English, translated by Google Translate :P