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  1. Laloomega

    error running otbr tfs

    Hello, im trying to run the latest canary .exe sources, already compiled, and everything seems well, but after server opens and everything, it takes around 1-3 minutes for server to send this error ^C Thread 1 "otbr" received signal SIGINT, Interrupt. 0x00007ffff7b7e5ce in epoll_wait (epfd=4...
  2. Laloomega

    Trying to compile

    Hello, i'm trying ot compile on linux ubuntu, and well i'm looking everyone for a tutorial, but they all seem to have either errors, or just unfinished, im trying to compile the new canary otbr for client 12.64, if anyone has a actual tutorial or some knowledge and time, would be greatly...
  3. Laloomega

    Looking for what kind of VPS to buy

    hey guys im trying to look for a VPS for 20~ players max online for a rl map on North America for Testing only! If anyone has knowledge on this please comment here
  4. Laloomega

    Art/logo graphics designer

    Hello, anyone that has experience on this please add me on discord With photos of work youve done Laloomega#4852
  5. Laloomega

    Web developer?

    Im looking for a web developer to help me for a server Pm me through discord if you have the knowledge Laloomega#4852 Bump
  6. Laloomega

    Client 10

    Looking for someone that can make tibia client 10 work with new functions of tibia 12, client 10 knowdlege only, pm me, or add me on discord pref Laloomega#4852 up Upperino
  7. Laloomega

    Cpp+Lua job

    Hello I'm looking for someone who is willing to work with me in a new project of tibia 10 client + tibia 12 client rl map with some custom features everything will be discussed otv8 could kiss my ass tbh , if interested feel free to add my discord. Only serious people P.S. Show me what you can...
  8. Laloomega

    Pushing delay in new otbrserver

    Hello I'm looking at this .cpp and I wanted to know if anyone has idea on how to edit the push delay of close range and delay on 1 sqm range Here
  9. Laloomega

    (RME)Need help

    I remember being able to search a specific item and being able to just click on the search and insert it wherever i would like, anyone remember command?
  10. Laloomega

    Suggestion for safer Forum

    Hey Otland Team, it would be great if you could connect your personal phone number towards otland, or even a State ID or Country ID, safer transactions, trustworthy people. make it show that you are verified via phone and/or State ID
  11. Laloomega

    Aurelion isnt ded, ya'll dumb [My Experience]

    Alright so i'm going to try to cut minor details in any way I can. I met aurelion back in 2020, when I first started to get my server up, i was looking for a scripter, and aurelion messsaged me, That was starting 2020 before covid, He offered his service for 3 hours a day for 5 days, for 700...
  12. Laloomega

    TFS 1.X+ Error while creating Guild-Wars

    So I was following a guide of this post [GESIOR2012] Wars on WWW [TFS 1.0 only] - beta version And well everything was going great until I clicked where it said, create war I got this Query: SELECT `id`, `name`, `password`, `premdays`, `lastday`, `email`, `key`, `create_ip`, `creation`...
  13. Laloomega

    Solved Remove thread