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Search results

  1. SwagMaster

    Looking for programmer C / TFS 0.4

    I'm in, no need to look any further
  2. SwagMaster

    Looking for a 7.4 OTserv specialist for consultancy calls [Remunerated job]

    I'm up for the job, nothing I can't do in this matter. Check pm. Have a nice day.
  3. SwagMaster

    Open all bps on login

    +1 ofc its possible send container with 1 size, then update it to real container, one by one each container will be opened with 1 item height i can do that, server side or client side, pm me with details
  4. SwagMaster

    Looking for a webdeveloper to implement Znote AAC systems

    Case closed, problem solved ^^. Im open if anybody needs help with anything.
  5. SwagMaster

    New vocs/spells

    im in, pm me with details
  6. SwagMaster

    I am looking for a Programmer with a lot of experience in c ++, lua, PHP and more

    if you are still looking pm me with details
  7. SwagMaster

    Paid programming job

    pm me details, i can do anything, im taking money after job, not upfront
  8. SwagMaster

    any c++ programmer to fix bug

    by not taking money upfront
  9. SwagMaster

    Programmer Tibia Client Modifications

    I'm sure i can do that. We can patch 7.72 client to work exact as 7.7, so tibianic.dll works (cam). Then make other changes as you need.
  10. SwagMaster

    any c++ programmer to fix bug

    I think i can do that, pm me with more details